heatsink mod

  1. shattered.likeness

    This might be a stupid idea but.... (CPU Block)

    I have a Heatkiller water block sitting here that I have been meaning to hook up to my CoolIt Freezone Elite, and i got to thinking. I have seen some pretty ingenious ideas for using mosfet heatsinks before, and started wondering if I might see any difference in temperatures if I was to apply a...
  2. Deton

    How to Remove Asus Maximus Formula Heatpipe Guide

    Step-by-Step Maximus Formula is a great board but it has its own flaw such as the Heatpipe cooler. It’s not a bad design but just a bad thermal compound that Asus used. It was design for passive cooling even with the SE version; if you have a poor case air flow then you will run into...