1. TeeBlack

    HeatKiller 280X Gpu Block.

  2. Skyguy

    Core i7 CPU Water Block Roundup

    Intel Core i7 processors are phenomenal overclockers, but they also produce a massive amount of heat, so they are prime candidates for water cooling. As a result, we decided to set out with a mission in mind to take several of the “best” CPU water blocks on the market and evaluate them...
  3. shattered.likeness

    This might be a stupid idea but.... (CPU Block)

    I have a Heatkiller water block sitting here that I have been meaning to hook up to my CoolIt Freezone Elite, and i got to thinking. I have seen some pretty ingenious ideas for using mosfet heatsinks before, and started wondering if I might see any difference in temperatures if I was to apply a...
  4. Deton

    Apogee GTZ vs. HeatKiller 3.0 vs. Koolance 350AC

    Most of PUREOC watercooling members use Apogee GTZ and HK 3.0. GTZ was the king until HK 3.0 was borned but if you follow Gabe's (Swiftech CEO) thread and Shane (Hesmelaugh) CPU blocks shoot out then you will see clearly who is the king in the CPU block. Gabe...

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