1. shattered.likeness

    HD4870X2 vs. Crossfire HD4870?

    Hi guys, As is common with a lot of us when we are building up the money for our new system, I have once again changed my mind on what I will be getting for my new system. In light of the recent information that AMD is going to be releasing their new AM3 platform in February/ March, I have...
  2. W

    Asus 4870 6 Pin Connector

    Heyy guyss.... well i see that the Asus 4870 uses Two 6 pin connectors, do i have to connect two 6 pins connector for it to work?, or can i just insert 1 6 pin connector. I'm not suree if the Antec Neopower Blue 650w, is compatible with this graphics card, soo please replyy. Oh btw, the...