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  1. CaddyGuy420

    MSI Big Bang-X Power II VS. ASRock Extreme 11 Selection Question

    Question: Do you think It would be better to go with the ASRock Extreme 11 or get the MSI Big Bang-X Power II with a PCI-E addon card for additional SATA ports on a LGA2011 build? The Setup: I have a hard drive switch that I made for switching boot drives to swtich between 3 boot drives. So...
  2. C

    Massive Storage

    What is the best storage volume of hard drive if you are a video editor? thanks
  3. Skyguy

    OCZ Vertex 2 100GB

    OCZ has an extensive SSD lineup that's impressed us in the past. Today we look at the SandForce-based OCZ Vertex 2, in what appears to be a promising successor to the popular Vertex. But how fast is it? Oh, it's fast alright. Looks like there's a new king on the dragstrip. Click HERE for...
  4. Skyguy

    VIZO Shuttle ST Enclosure

    VIZO recognizes the need for good, quality 2.5” external hard drive enclosures, and we've got our grubby hands on one of them. The Vizo Shuttle (aka Traveler) is a 2.5” hard drive enclosure, suited for all 2.5” SATA drives. Click HERE for the full review.
  5. Skyguy

    Eagle Tech Consus ET-CSMDSU2-BK

    The EagleTech CSMDSU2-BK is an enclosure that supports two SATA drives and connects to your PC via a USB 2.0 cable. Now, not only can you add another hard drive, but it's virtually effortless, and with the ability to access both drives at once, to be able to move data from one drive in the...
  6. Skyguy

    Kingwin F-35

    Data backup today is more convenient and economical than ever. You can purchase an external drive or an enclosure and install the compatible hard drive of your choice, giving you flexibility, security, simplicity, and peace of mind. Follow along with us as we review the Kingwin F-35U-BK HD...
  7. Skyguy

    IN WIN X-Fighter

    Today we will be looking at IN WIN’s new mid-tower gaming chassis which could possibly take flight any second. With the Star Wars films in mind, IN WIN took the inspiration to create a case that would make Vader proud. Click HERE for more.
  8. Skyguy

    SilverStone Fortress FT01

    The first installment in the new Fortress Series of enclosures from SilverStone is the FT01. There has been some controversy around this case, with arguments over the direction of airflow of case fans, and the term “positive air pressure” has been thrown around quite a bit. What is all this...
  9. Skyguy

    In Win NA Drive Enclosure

    In Win, often known for innovative design, has taken an interesting approach with their NA external hard drive enclosure, appearing to prove that functional can be aesthetically sharp as well. Today we'll look at their NA enclosure and see if that's the case (no pun intended, truly). Click...
  10. salmonsteve

    Raptor X 10,000 rpm noisy?

    Anyone here have a a raptor x HD any1 else notice how noisy it is? coz mine is, considering selling it and just using my normal 7200 rpm since i just got my first pc (ive been using a pc thats six yrs old now p4 1.4ghz 512mb ram windows XP ) i cnt really compare the difference in speed ...
  11. PressESCtoquiT

    Whoa this is small

    This, just in case you dont recognize, is the size if a normal jumper compared to the jumper on my new SATA 3.0 drive. Are all jumpers this size now? Damn hope my eyesight doesnt get any worse:p:p