1. Carnyakam

    Trying my hand at Sapphire HD 7770 with Heaven

    Using MSI Afterburner (don't see how to take a screen shot) (and didn't think to log GPU-Z) Core Voltage is set to auto scale. Power Limit +5 Core Clock (base 1100) set to 1200MHz Memory Clock (base 1300) set to 1400MHZ Fan speed kept at auto Base score: 685 Above settings: 746 2nd try Limit...
  2. eido.cohen

    Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen - "Leidenfrost Effect" explored

    I've never had the opportunity to do anything with liquid nitrogen, so those of you who have done benchmarking with it will probably appreciate the coolness of this video.
  3. B

    second hand i7 system for $400

    Saw this on my local PC stores for sale board was wondering it was a good deal (looks like one to me but i am an amd man and don't know intel systems) Specs are: COOLERMASTER HAF-932 FULL TOWER CASE INTEL i7 920 CPU GIGABYTE EX58 MOTHERBOARD CORSAIR XMS 3 6GB RAM XFX NVIDIA GTX-285 300GB...