1. xelosia

    Sneak Peek - NEW Upcoming HAF case prototype

    Sneak Peak ? NEW Upcoming HAF case - Cases - Cooler Master Community
  2. A

    HELP new HAF X 942 (what is this board do)

    i just got the case. when i opened the box i noticed this board . this is my firist build, so i dont know what its for[/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]:wacko:lpease help
  3. xelosia

    Sneak Peek - NEW Upcoming HAF case

    Sneak Peak ? NEW Upcoming HAF case - Cases - Cooler Master Community
  4. TekLord

    "Demon Speeding" HAF XB - Tek by Design

    PROLOGUE I recently acquired a Cooler Master HAF XB case from a friend. At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I have several builds currently in the works and I wasn't sure I wanted to take another one on, at this time. However, after having the case in my possession for a few...
  5. Z

    Cooler Master HAF XB Lan Box

    Needed a case that could easily be carried up and down stairs. Also had to be ATX compatible. Chose the Cooler Master HAF (High Air Flow) XB Lan Box and did a brand new scratch build inside. Very happy with the results. Although the specs say the PSU length is limited to 180mm, I was...
  6. ComputersCircuits

    Circuit Box - HAF XB mod

    I was going to do my next mod in a Switch 810. That was until the HAF XB came out and I HAD to have one. This build will be fully watecooled and build around an i7-3770k and a pair of XFX 6870's and will feature a black and green theme with custom windows and LOTS of sweet laser-cut accessories...
  7. Skyguy

    Cooler Master HAF XM

    The Cooler Master HAF series has proven to be very popular and successful with enthusiasts, particularly those with water cooling dreams. The new HAF XM is a mid-tower that looks to continue that trend, with a slightly smaller size and a great price. Click Cooler Master HAF XM for the full...
  8. Skyguy

    Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced

    Let's take a look at the new HAF 932 Advanced and see exactly what improvements and features Cooler Master has added into the updated design, and if they really did find a way to improve on its successful HAF lineup. Click HERE for the full review.
  9. Skyguy

    Cooler Master HAF 912

    With a great many success in Cooler Master HAF series to date, the HAF 912 has some pretty big shoes to fill. This particular chassis is aimed towards the more budget-minded end user that still wants quality and strong features but a more modest price tag. Click HERE for the full review.
  10. Skyguy

    Cooler Master HAF-X

    Cooler Master has a new flagship chassis in their popular HAF (High Air Flow) line: the HAF-X. This chassis is able to house today's latest and hottest CPUs, motherboards, graphics cards and is even compatible with USB 3.0 devices. With specialized support and cooling for graphic...
  11. Skyguy

    Cooler Master HAF 932

    Today we will be taking a look at the Cooler Master RC-932, also known as the HAF 932. Does this case meet all of the requirements that we expect out of a case, and then some? Does it really deserve the HAF, or High Air Flow, designation? That is what we are here to find out. Click HERE for...