1. MonsterMawd

    DIY Case Mod Guide, Improve airflow Corsair 350, 750 900D cases

    This is DIY Case Mod Guide for modifying your Corsair 350 & 900D Front Air Intake Grill to help improve airflow to your Liquid or Aircooled PC system Tools & Supplies: Modder's Mesh, Round Sheet,Modder's Mesh In Order of Usage 1. Ruler or Measuring Combination Square, Empire Level...
  2. windwithme

    CORSAIR Gaming Red Keys Mechanical KB - Vengeance K65/K95 Guide

    Windwithme have shared two Cherry mechanical keyboards in 2008. I am irrevocably committed to mechanical keyboard. I have been using Cherry G80-1865 for 6 years. I am very satisfied with Cherry MX Brown Switchdurability and tactile bump. Cherry MX Switch has Green, Brown, Black, White and Red...
  3. windwithme

    More Powerful 6C12T Multitasking Performance - Intel Core i7-4960X Guide

    Intel launched LGA 2011Extreme platform at the end of 2011. It?s different position as annual renewed LGA 1155 or LGA 1150. LGA 2011 CPU refresh cycle is longer and having simple product line. CPU usually has 3 models. Mostly is using X79 chipset. LGA 2011 launched three Core i7 CPU,Sandy...
  4. windwithme

    Both OC and Gaming, GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER5 Complete Guide

    GIGABYTE has OC and Gaming series in their high end segment. For most users, Gaming series is more practical. Besides high end audio and LAN chips, it also has average above OC ability. As this reason, there are more and more Gaming products in the market. Gaming series is still G1 product...
  5. windwithme

    GIGABYTE Mid-High End Performance Model - Z87X-OC Guide

    GIGABYTE launched very rich product line for Intel latest Haswell. Haswell chipset has the most high end Z87, mainstream H87 and B85 and entry H81. Of course, more high-end chipset has more features and expandability. MB price is also higher. GIGABYTE in high-end Z87 has OC series and G1 series...
  6. windwithme

    AMD A10-5800K with GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4 OC Guide

    AMD launched Llano APU with FM1 socket in July 2011. Later on, AMD launched Socket FM2 in Oct 2012. FM2 and FM1 CPU sockets are not compatible. Please be aware of it before upgrade. In the past, the advantage of AMD platform was compatible sockets. It?s too fast for this transition. FM2 code...
  7. grumpydaddy

    WCG with GPU: a guide

    You can just run a single instance on your GPU but for amd cards certainly, running multiple instances is more efficient. First thing to do is stop getting new work (Projects>No new tasks) then complete the work you have waiting to run on your rig. then..... What you need is an app_config...
  8. windwithme

    Intel Ivy Bridge Entry ITX Platform - GIGABYTE B75N Performance Guide

    2012, almost all active MB brands launched ITX boards. ITX advantage is smaller dimension. If using high performance CPU, GPU or WiFi technology support, it may create more value to PC as competing with smart phones, tablets or laptops. GIGABYTE former two generations Intel ITX MB specs were...
  9. windwithme

    CORSAIR Force GS 240GB Single Drive and Raid0 SSD Performance Guide

    Solid-State Drive does improve C performance in past 4 years. No matter DeskTop PC or Notebook both shorten the system processing time. It?s why SSD still so popular after launching many years. However, the high price also impact the popularity. Every year, SSD price is almost 50% off. The...
  10. BoutDrama

    Gigabyte G1 Asassin2 OC Guide

    Does anyone know of a guide for this mobo? I'm also running a 3930k. Got a stable OC running Intel Burn Test at 4.7ghz but as soon as I began to fold with it got bsod or freeze. Im kind of a beginner and need some guidance.
  11. Adham

    RAW vs JPEG (JPG) – The Ultimate Visual Guide

    Shooting RAW vs JPEG is a question that every photographer faces at some point. Here is a visual guide to help you distinguish the differences (Read More)
  12. windwithme

    GIGABYTE Pursuits Extreme Performance Z77X-UP7 OC Guide

    2012 is very important for PC market. There are more and more mobile devices coming. Especially smart phones and tablet PCs. It really impacts traditional PC and NB markets. This change does benefit the users which you can see the change in MB market. More brands start to enhance their service...
  13. windwithme

    Ivy Bridge New Entry CPU ? Intel Core i3-3220 Performance Guide

    Intel Core I Gen 3 is named Ivy Bridge which is launched in April. In the beginning, there were only mid to high end models, Core i5 and Core i7. For lower price Ivy Bridge Core i3 was launched in Sep. Now you can save some budget for Ivy Bridge CPU to buy Core i3 instead of Core i3. There...
  14. H

    AMD HD 5850 Unlock BIOS With ASUS Single and CrossFire MODE GUIDE

    Hellow Fellows well im goign to Explain you how yo Unlock the Bios of the HD 5850 with the ASUS Bios in Single and CrossFire MOde hope you like it :) First you need the ASUS Bios techPowerUp! :: VGA Bios Collection: Asus HD 5850 1024 MB And Then the AtiFlash Download ATIFlash 3.99 |...
  15. Plan.B

    World Community Grid guide to Stats Tracking w/ Free DC

    So now you're crunching and you want to check stats: your points, your rank, other team members' points and rank, or the PureOverclock team's points and rank. There are numerous places to get this info from, but here is my favorite: Free DC. Go to and "Register." You can use...
  16. JamesLT3

    F@H Windows Install & Basic Setup Video Guide

    Links: Passkey Signup- Folding@Home F@H Client- Folding@home - HomePage Current Projects- Team Stats- Extra Slot Options Full List: Allows access to beta WUs Name: client-type...
  17. windwithme

    Entry but Complete Z77 - GIGABYTE Z77-D3H OC Guide

    Do you remember the price of Intel previous popular chipset 865? The entry model was cost 120~130USD. After that, P35/P45/P55/P67 chipset entry MB price was even higher. The entry model was 160~180USD. Of course, the MB components and spec were getting better and more features. Many friends were...
  18. Drdeath

    Mattress Buying Guide

    Hey guys. I just registered a domain last night. As some of you know, I am in the mattress business so I am going to make the internets best mattress information website that hopefully will develop into a comprehensive information tool. The name is and I also locked in the...
  19. L

    Complete Guide to Windows 8

    PDF: Download The Complete Guideto Windows8 pdf Torrent:
  20. windwithme

    Intel Latest Ivy Bridge Platform - GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H WiFi OC Guide

    Since Intel launched Sandy Bridge in Jan 2011, it’s been a year. In April 2012, Intel released LGA115 socket, code name is Ivy Bridge. CPU manufacturing from 32nm 2nd Core I improves to 22nm 3nd Core I and some new technology. The most high end chipset is Z77 instead of Z68. Simultaneously...