1. T

    Pny GTX 1060 6GB Compatibility

    Is the PNY GTX 1060 graphics card compatible with an AMD FX9590 8 Core CPU and Asus RoG crosshair V Formula Z motherboard?
  2. Smiki007

    Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme BIOS

    Hi Guys, could someone of you send mi the Original BIOS for this GPU (Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme) I've bought two of them on Amazon (Used like New), but when I installed them in my PC and have connected my ASUS 120 MHz monitor via DVI-D, install the drivers and check the Nvidia...
  3. windwithme

    Max-Q GTX 1070 in ultra slim chassis – GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro Intro

    Starting from 2011, MSI had been serious about the gaming market and studied the field for years. As long as it’s been through, as much as it can get for the brand awareness and richness in product lines. GT series is mainly for high-end extreme performance position while GE series is taking...
  4. S

    Gtx 1080 Ti Fe - temp limit issue on stock

    Hello. Greetings from Poland. And sorry for my bad language. I am sad because of my Gtx 1080 Ti Fe. No overclocking,no tweaking ,all stock and default. The temp limit is default at 84. I thought at the default setting the fan is targeted at 50% and the card would start throttling once it...
  5. B

    Will my Pc support gtx 1060 3gb?

    My pc specs are- I5-3470 8gb ram Motherboard-Intel DH61WW Psu- Corsair vs450watts Will my Pc support gtx 1060 3gb? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. calemus

    gtx asus 660 replacment capacitors

    so. i have a dead card. (link to item page) as it is a billion years past any warenty i pulled the heatsink look look search search ok, these capacitors looks smashed, and angled,,thats probly not good.. *touch*wiggle* 1st just capacitor...
  7. windwithme

    MSI GT62VR High-End gaming notebook with GTX 1060 overview

    This year in the IT world, the most popular trend and the most sought after topic would be the VR application, the so called “age of VR.” Its impact on the PC industry extends all across the gaming world and not just gaming desktop PC and gaming notebook; even its multimedia capability will be...
  8. C

    My GTX 1060 3mb SC

    I had to replace my Video card and the shop installed the GTX 1060 3mb SC. I have an INTEL I7-930 in an ASUS P6X58D-E board. I run Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Question: Are the default settings in Bios 373.06 the most efficient/effective for my configuration. If NOT, how would I adjust...
  9. C

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB SC GAMING

    My ASUS card died and the shop suggested this card. I said okay as they have used the series in builds. The card in my machine brings it up to WOW. Question: The card came with NO software to analyze or tweak it. I went to their site and it referenced PRECISION OC, OC SCANNER and ELEET. The...
  10. S

    Why GPUZ showing THRM perfcap on my gtx 1080?

    Hello. Sometimes GPUZ reporting at starting games for a moment, perfcap reason THRM which is for 15 seconds, on my Gtx 1080 Xtreme. I dont know why because temps are very low 50C. Screen: Any ideas why?Ahh and restart pc fixing this completelly until again. Thx for suggestion. My temps are...
  11. S

    GTX 1080 boost clock stuck at low speeds after PC has been idle few days.

    Hello. I have an some problem with my system/gpu/mobo I dont know which exactly. At some point after having my system powered on, it often happens while the system is idle few days, my GTX 1080 becomes permanently throttled. The graphics clock is halved from a maximum of 1990-2000mhz (factory...
  12. S

    Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme - one time fan dont stop in desktop.

    Hello. Yesterday i had ,one time event weird issue with one of the fan on Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme. So always after quitting game when temperature decrease to idle 40C , 3 fans stopping and i see FAN STOP logo , this is normal. But yesterday i when quit game, temperature decrease to 40C like always...
  13. Gu3

    GTX 1060 -- Anyone considering?

    Guys, I've been reading the reviews of the GTX 1060, and am considering it for my Linux box (running a EVGA 760 FTW as I recall) 120 Watt TDP, and performance similar to a GTX 980 for ~$250. Downer is no hardware SLI support (Just DirectX 12 software SLI) but I have never yet run SLI, so...
  14. stalyoni

    Gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1080 2152mhz Got the gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1080 and was able to overclock it to 2152mhz in bf4 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  15. aryan51

    gtx 980 kingpin

    does anybody know if NVidia gtx 980ti have dts-ma through hdmi cuz I want to connect my Marantz pre amp to my computer ? if I do need a sound card any suggestion ? thanks in advance mark
  16. Chewie

    Geforce GTX 780 Windforce Addition Waterblock Queries

    Afternoon all, recently scored myself 2 Geforce GTX 780's Windforce Editions (3072mb GDDR5 384 bit) cards (extra included in case its needed) Have been looking and thinking of trying my hand at water cooling a system, so far have a water cooled CPU but want to have a bit of an experiment...
  17. F

    GTX 970 G1 Gaming Coil Whine only in titanfall at 1080p Ultra

    So I have recently bought a gtx970g1 and loving being able to max plenty of games without any issue but after I installed titanfall and set my settings to ultra I heard my card coil whining in the menu, now at first I was confused and shocked because I have tested many games on ultra including...
  18. HyperactiveSloth

    The GTX 950 thread.

    I was surprised to see no discussion about the newly released GTX 950 today, so I figured I'd start my own even though I have little in the way of informative detail to give. I can say that by the looks of the benchmarks so far and the reported price, that this could easily be the new...
  19. F

    Zotac GTX 980 Ti Amp! Edition Review

    So once again my good friends over at Zotac has sent me another beast to play with, This time it's the Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP! Edition As a note: I would first like to say, as most know how I review who seen them, my computer is setup just to game, it is not optimized in any way to get max...
  20. TeeBlack

    Nvidia GTX 980 TI

    so now you can get yourself a 980 Ti and it's not much different from the Titan X. About half the memory seems to be the biggest difference (6gb vs 12gb) suppose to be listed at $649 what do you think?