1. Plan.B

    World Community Grid turns 8 years old!

    From WCG news article, here: News Article World Community Grid turns 8 on November 16, 2012, and we would like to offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to each of our members who continue to donate their computer power to advance humanitarian research! Total WCG Stats: Members: 606,440 Devices...
  2. Plan.B

    World Community Grid signature walk-through

    So you've been crunching and you want to show off your stats? You need a sig! Sig #1 (the one I'm using): Go to Sign in or Register, using the same name you crunch under WCG with. Click on "Stats" This will bring up a list of all DC projects. Scroll down to find "World...
  3. Doctor_Death

    World Community Grid is now live !

    Hi Guys You asked for the World Community Grid to be added to our forums, that has been done for you, congrats! You can find this section under Pure Overclock Teams in our forums, I'm not sure who's going to be in charge of this team, Mike, James, ? Once you know please keep me in the loop...
  4. Plan.B

    World Community Grid FAQ collection

    Here are links to some great World Community Grids FAQs and FAQ compilations. The first is from the WCG Forums, and is very good. The others are user FAQ's and are also very good. And an IBM podcast. And the WCG wiki page. Enjoy. World Community Grid - View Thread - The Start Here Forum...
  5. Plan.B

    World Community Grid - PureOverclock team updates

    WCG Team PureOverclock was formed on 8/2/2012. The PureOverclock WCG team is rocketing up through the wcg team ranks. That is to be expected at this point, as we are started with zero points and are passing up teams that fizzled out with low scores and are putting out nothing. We are...
  6. Plan.B

    World Community Grid guide to Stats Tracking w/ Free DC

    So now you're crunching and you want to check stats: your points, your rank, other team members' points and rank, or the PureOverclock team's points and rank. There are numerous places to get this info from, but here is my favorite: Free DC. Go to and "Register." You can use...
  7. Plan.B

    Q6600 Giveaway for World Community Grid team PureOverclock

    The PureOverclock World Community Grid crunching team has 3 members!! We are off to a great start but need more members so we can flip those work-units and climb the team charts! WCG crunching works on numerous research questions with the goals of curing cancer, understanding human proteins...
  8. Plan.B

    World Community Grid setup to crunch with team PureOverclock; a walk-through

    Here is a walk-through for getting started with World Community Grid crunching and joining the PureOverclock WGC team. Go to World Community Grid - Home and click "Join Today." Choose a user name, password, and email. Accept software terms and continue. Pick your specific projects, or...
  9. L

    GRID 2 Announce!

  10. Gareth

    GRID on my 2900XT

    Hey all, I am having a slight problem with GRID on my 2900 XT video card, it just will not start up to play, every time I hit play, it comes up saying that it is not responding, however, on a computer I built today for a customer, with a Q9450 and 4850 Video card, it works perfectly, is it...