gpu overclocking

  1. grumpydaddy

    GX2 Overclocking Tool?

    I bought a 9800gx2 primarily for Folding. Till now I've used EVGA Precision to Overclock but This seems to only work on one card of the pair. I've heard Rivatuner is the better option and may solve the issue of the other card of the pair Anyone used this? Would you recommend this or another...
  2. P

    Help With Pencil Modding The Hd3870

    Has anyone come across the R1222 resistor missing on the 3870 board.All the instructions I have(4 sets)show the r1222 resistor in very good detail but my board only has two solder tabs there.My card is a DIAMOND HD 3870 RUBY EDITION.I have unlocked the bios and have the card running at 906mhz...