1. Skyguy

    GBU Larkooler Extreme G1/4" (KU3-241) Liquid Cooling Kit

    GBU has introduced a new DIY water cooling kit called the Larkooler Extreme Performance G1/4" (KU3-241) Liquid Cooling System. The new system employs a better pump and block, bigger tubing, and supports standard G1/4" threads. It looks gorgeous, so let's check out the performance. Click...
  2. Skyguy

    GBU Larkooler Water Cooling Kit

    We’re looking at the Larkooler Universal Water Cooling kit, a new product from Taiwan’s GBU International Corporation. Interestingly, GBU didn’t start out as a water cooling specialist; they developed wireless networking and security systems. Go figure. But since their move into the...