1. Adham

    High temps in gaming sessions

    Hello, i been having problems with my CPU lately is getting hoter, i dont know if my pc has a controler or something to tweak around the CPU speeds and since the water cooling system has no branding on it its hard to figure it out for me, i have a version of this pc...
  2. windwithme

    Exceptional and Detachable Batteries - AORUS 5 Gaming Laptop Unboxing

    AORUS 5 video: For the past two years, major laptop brands have invested significant resources in developing their gaming product lines, The majority of mid to high-end laptops are gaming products, with the rest used for content creation. As GIGABYTE’s gaming brand, AORUS accounts for most of...
  3. DeViLzzz

    For 4K gaming with me having an RX 5700 XT ...

    what is the pairing for this card when it comes to AMD cpus and motherboards at the minimum? Btw I am in Canada and would be shopping Amazon, Newegg, Mike's Computer Shop, etc. The purchase is for gaming plus hopefully some streaming and video editing in the future but with the last 2 things...
  4. windwithme

    Thin Bezel Display & Detachable battery–AORUS 7 Mid-Range Gaming Laptop

    Recent 2 years GIGABYTE goes forward and aggressive to Mid-High level laptop market. The part of their Gaming is dominated by the AORUS series, and the part of Creator is dominated by the AERO series. And the AORUS series recently launched the brand new flagship product–AORUS 17 got the highest...
  5. windwithme

    Mech. Keyboard & Ultrathin Bezel Display – AORUS 17 Ultimate Gaming Laptop

    Recent 2 years GIGABYTE launched many Mid-High level laptop, want to gain more market share. Now the hottest series are Gaming and Creator market The AERO series for Creator market, designed with 15” and 17”, with many HW combination models. AORUS is for Gaming series, mainly with 15” and 17”...
  6. X

    Gaming system for november 2019

    Hi. I want to know your opinion about this system: . It will be used for gaming, browsing, some programming stuff, torrents. I want a silent system, to keep for about 4 years. The case is limited by the size of my office. I will use also an existent SSD...
  7. windwithme

    AORUS 15 – High Quality Design and Material of Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Review

    Recent years many laptop brands came out more and more gaming notebook in the red sea market, The GIGABYTE gaming laptops is rare to see in the market before. But these 2 years they start to have more products for gaming style design With the positive market competitions, the gaming laptops...
  8. windwithme

    Thin, Light & Narrow Bezel, MSI GS65 Gaming NB Review

    More and more mobile devices become narrow bezel or frameless design to get higher competitive capability. As the Ultrabook or mobile phone in recent years, becomes slimmer and lighter is the most important trend. Thought about the design on Gaming Notebooks, since the design needs more high...
  9. E

    which graphics card is good for gaming pc?

    which graphics card is good for gaming pc?
  10. E

    Which Processor is powerful for gaming like AMD or INTEL?

    Which Processor is powerful for gaming like AMD or INTEL?
  11. vinman

    ARCTIC Launch BioniX Gaming Fans and Freezer 33 eSports Edition

    Arctic Has some really nice new offers on Fans and coolers for those who love these color options as well as great products, prices, and warranties to go with it. Check out the Pictures and links below for more info.
  12. vinman

    X299 xpower gaming ac

    I am saving my money for a new Motherboard and big on MSI and leaning real hard in this direction I havent decided on which Processor yet comments and or suggestions welcome :) Supports New Intel® Core™...
  13. Smiki007

    Corsair Enters Gaming Chair Market

    Corsair decide to enter the gaming chair market with Corsair T1 Racer Chair: Read full story here
  14. windwithme

    MSI GT62VR High-End gaming notebook with GTX 1060 overview

    This year in the IT world, the most popular trend and the most sought after topic would be the VR application, the so called “age of VR.” Its impact on the PC industry extends all across the gaming world and not just gaming desktop PC and gaming notebook; even its multimedia capability will be...

    Overly Undecided On AMD FX 9500 Series

    Happy Holidays All! Hello, guys, I hope I don't get flamed heavily for bringing this question into the conversation, I do know that the AMD FX 9590 4.7GHz (8-core) probably has been featured heavy on the forums. I've read a plethora of reviews good & bad, from sites such as amazon, newegg &...
  16. T

    Gaming Problem with computer

    Recently I have been having problems with my computer. It started kicking me off games and saying game error. Then it led to when I would turn my computer on it would disconnect the wifi in all the house. When I try to run the solution problem it says I have the wrong Ip address number. I hooked...
  17. C

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB SC GAMING

    My ASUS card died and the shop suggested this card. I said okay as they have used the series in builds. The card in my machine brings it up to WOW. Question: The card came with NO software to analyze or tweak it. I went to their site and it referenced PRECISION OC, OC SCANNER and ELEET. The...
  18. stalyoni

    Gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1080 2152mhz Got the gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1080 and was able to overclock it to 2152mhz in bf4 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  19. calemus

    ga990fx gaming

    fixed the problem all is well
  20. vinman

    My Tesoro Lobera Gaming keyboard

    Well my Tesoro Lobera gaming keyboard died today its a brick wont register at all tried reinstalling drivers and software and its a no go. its a brick :(