gaming rig

  1. Doctor Duality

    New Build - Gaming Oriented - Assistance Desired

    PureOC Community, I'm planning on starting my first build over the summer, which for me will be starting in the next two weeks, and would like some guidance on what to get and where to get it, (I've been told newegg has pretty much everything I need, but I also live near a Microcenter, which...
  2. S

    Help choose my new pc!

    Hy pureOC! I am willing to buy a new computer ,cuz my old is getting very slow. I complied a new rig with these specs: AMD Phenom II 955BE processor Gigabyte 790FXA UD5 mobo. 4gb Transcend AxERAM 2000mhz cl9 kit Sapphire or XfX HD5850 1gb Gigabyte Odin plus 600w psu Aerocool RS 9 case Iam...