1. Cyberburnout

    Future Gamer Building with Dad

    This isn't really a build log but I wanted to post it anyways. For my daughters 11th Birthday she received a Coupon to "BYOPC With Dad". She have a system she has been using but it isn't up to gaming standards by any means. The r7 240 was meant for the HTPC but she wanted to play Minecraft and...
  2. xelosia

    ASUS Announces Z97-Pro Gamer

    ASUS Announces Z97-Pro Gamer - Republic of Gamers
  3. TheSurroundGamer

    Merry Christmas from The Surround Gamer!

    Merry Christmas from The Surround Gamer! To You and Yours, The Surround Gamer wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, Season's Greetings, and Happy New Year!
  4. Adham

    Electroshock therapy to make you a better gamer, overclock your brain.

    haha who is down for this? Some gamers have lighting fast reflexes and can take out a zombie hoard with ease. Other gamers though (like me) need to die multiple times before advancing to the next zone, and I don’t even want to talk about my kill to death ratio when playing online video games...
  5. L

    PC Gamer Specials Fall 2012

    PDF: pcgf2012.pdf (81,60 MB) -
  6. Solara2xb

    DeepCool Gamer Storm Assassin CPU Cooler

    Over the past several years we have seen some impressive air coolers. The competition is fierce, and nearly every brand has had some great products. There is always someone looking to take king of the hill in reputation. Today we will be looking at Deepcool's new Assassin Air Cooler to see if it...
  7. Skyguy

    Gigabyte Z77 G.1 Sniper 3

    Gigabyte introduced their gamer-oriented “Sniper" branded motherboard series with the X58 chipset and today they continue the Sniper 3 series with the Z77 chipset and we have to say, it's a real badass looking motherboard. Click Gigabyte Z77 G.1 Sniper 3 for the full review.
  8. Skyguy

    ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional

    ASRock, a full line motherboard company and a fan favorite of ours, has released the Z77 Fatal1ty motherboard series. It's a gamer-oriented board that brings some great features and performance into the mix. Click ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional for the full review.
  9. Skyguy

    BitFenix Shinobi XL

    Mid-towers can only do so much for some people, and for those that need a full tower option, perhaps for a water cooling setup or expensive gear, the Shinobi XL looks to be a great option at first glance. The BitFenix Shinobi XL is a full tower case that appears to borrow the great ideas we saw...
  10. L

    PC Gamer – June 2012

    PDF: Download Gamer 2012 pdf Torrent:
  11. Skyguy

    Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula

    The Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula VGA heatsink certainly looks like it can put up some impressive performance numbers, so we'll be testing it on a beastly graphics card to see if this VGA cooler can prove impressive, not only against a stock cooler but also a custom factory one as well. Click...
  12. Skyguy

    OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W

    The OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W model is packed with features such as individually-sleeved cables, and is geared to gamers that want some flash. But we know that sheet specs certainly don't tell the real story though, so let's take a closer look at this new unit and get it on the bench to check out its...
  13. Skyguy

    ASUS Rampage IV Formula and Gene

    Today, we have a dual review of the X79 ASUS ROG motherboards, the Rampage IV Formula and the Rampage IV Gene. They are unboxed and ready to go. The Formula and Gene have some considerable differences, namely ATX versus Micro-ATX form factor, so let’s take a closer look and see what they have in...
  14. L

    PC Gamer – April 2012

    PDF file: Torrent:
  15. L

    PC Gamer March 2012

    PDF file: http://depositfiles....files/bowc7l9vk PDF file:
  16. Skyguy

    Enermax Fulmo

    Enermax is probably not best known for their case designs; rather, they’re very renowned for their power supplies, but they have produced several cases, and we've seen them to be typically rather garish creations. We're not fans of the outlandish, but the Fulmo mid-tower case is a distinct trend...
  17. Skyguy

    Raidmax Seiran

    The Raidmax Seiran features tool-less drive bays, fan and lighting controllers, and many other small touches that make your build experience just a bit easier. But are these features just gimmicks, or does it speak for the overall quality of the enclosure? Let's find out. Click...
  18. Skyguy

    Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower

    The Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower is a premium case that may be the new king in the land, incorporating many of the successful features of the original design, while bringing new ones into the mix. Water cooling enthusiasts will still be seduced by the ability to house up to a 360mm...
  19. L

    Gamer Drops $16,000 on Virtual Sword Let me seee.... :rofl:
  20. Skyguy

    ASRock X79 Extreme4-M

    The ASRock X79 Extreme4-M is a micro ATX motherboard packs a ton of features, more then you'd imagine for a price tag of about $219. Frankly, it looks like a hardcore gamer and/or enthusiast motherboard, able to run multiple graphics cards and featuring impressive auto overclocking results...