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  1. 12mmChillFactor

    Photoshop Tennis... Anyone ?

    I don't know if this would be the right forum for this.. Any amateur Photoshoppers out there? If yes, then plz reply to this thread, cuz then we can have a nice round of photoshop tennis :D For thos of you who don't know what it is, check these vids.
  2. 12mmChillFactor

    Find me this pic...

    Ok so... I say sumthing I wanna see.. then someone finds that picture, and makes a new request. Ill do the first, since there has to be a beginning. I wanna see... A SURFING PENGUIN!
  3. Gareth

    If you won $5,000

    If you won $5,000, what would you do to your PC, digital lifestyle or out of digital lifestyle? Ill post what I do later, but it seems to be a good thought. :) Mmmmm at the fastest CPU and GPU :p
  4. C

    Counting with pictures

    Hey all, Seen this on a few forums now and thought it is a great idea. How high can we count by using numbers in images. I'll kick things off. A link to the images original source is also required. And keep your images under 400px (preferably 320px) to keep...

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