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    Help with randomly freezing PC!

    Hey all! First off, I apologize if I post this in the wrong section of the forum, but this place has a really nice atmosphere and I'd like to stick around! Anyways, a couple months ago, I was on my computer and a power outage occurred which caused the power to go out. After that incident, my...
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    Computer Freezing and Temp Question

    Not sure if this is the right section but long story short, my computer is now freezing when I play my game. I've reverted everything back to OEM defauts (from my attempts at OC'ing) yet it still does it. Today when it froze, I immediately powered it back on and check the temps. Do any of these...
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    4850 freezing & black screen help

    Hello, I just brought a Visiontek 4850 card to install on my Q6600 (oc 3.33 ghz) and Asus P5Q Pro board, 4gb pc6400. I am experiencing computer freeze and black out while in vista 64 bit. First off, before the upgrade, I was using ATI Powercolor 3870 card on this same system and ran smooth...