1. windwithme

    High C/P ratio Intel X79 motherboard - FOXCONN QUANTUMAN1 In-depth Review

    High C/P ratio Intel X79 motherboard - FOXCONN QUANTUMIAN1 In-depth Review Ever since Intel officially launch Sandy Bridge-E new platform in 2011 November, several motherboard companies successively roll out new motherboard based on X79 chipset to support Intel next generation high-end...
  2. *d18*

    Foxconn X38A DigitalLIFE - <<The Q6600 OvErClOcK TesT>>

    Foxconn X38A DigitalLIFE A quickly review testing how flexible this X38 based motherbord performs in Overclock! MY OVERALL IMPRESSION This model is the first one of the FOXCONN series called DigitalLIFE which was created focusing the full entertainment. This particular model...