folding team

  1. grumpydaddy

    nVidia Folding

    nVidia beta 6.12 beta8 has arrived Download is on this page: First, read the following it is an extract from Stanford themselves. Basic Requirements: a GeForce, Quadro, or Tesla card that supports CUDA (G80 or later for the most...
  2. grumpydaddy

    New Folders in last 14 days

    Using this thread to try things out This one does what it says on the tin: The BIG team target is to reach the top 500 teams ...That is somewhere in the region of at least 4,0000,000 points Folders go Purple......When you Join the PureOverclock Folding Team and reach 2,500pts you...
  3. E

    name our team tag

    i'm trying to think up a name for our team so that if anyone wants to be grouped into the folding team you can have that under your name and a new colour for your name just to highlight your folding here. Can anyone think of a decent name, so far i've come up with poc.f@H but i don't know...
  4. E

    Join the PureOverclock folding team - Team No: 52950

    [13/01/2007]I’ve update this page to make it clearer as to what this is all about. I’ve created a folding team for Pureoverclock and want all you forum members to join up for a good cause. The project is run by Stanford University and its aim is to find clues as to the causes of some of the...