1. calemus

    linux usb work around fix

    so in linux if you have usb 3.0 ports on a machine, at time of installation all 2.0 usb ports will be locked out & never be able to be used for the android phones they will only work with a linux 2.0 port as you can imagine the phone mod community is rather outraged. and has been for some...
  2. Shoki

    Windows 8 doesn't like to install, boot, or restart. How can I fix?

    Hello All, TL;DR Version 1st detailed timeline follows. Whenever I restart the system gets stuck at the the blue logo and spinning dots. If I hit the reset button the system will boot normally. It drives me crazy to have the machine not boot and reboot correctly. How can I troubleshoot this...
  3. JamesLT3

    Help me Fix a Panel

    So i was sanding one of the top panel on my switch and it just broke in half,it broke along the seam where the factory bonded them together! Please tell me how i can fix this!! :(
  4. SamCR3

    Windows Hot Fix for AMD FX CPUs

    MS Hot Fix Updates for AMD FX CPUs Here’s what you can do to update your version of Windows 7: 1) Download the scheduler update (KB2645594) and install. This will tell the scheduler that your AMD FX processor contains dual-core modules (in fact this is similar to the SMT path that the other...
  5. L

    Bulldozer Registry Fix - 40% performance boost!
  6. S

    Need help!! Half life 2 ep.2 keeps crashing!

    hey guys ive been playing the half life MOD 'research and development'. i'm about 2/3 hours through the game and now all of a sudden its started to crash. it will only crash a certain points in the game! i will walk over to a door to progress and only wen im close to the door will its stop...