1. Carnyakam

    How to get Blu-Ray to play on Desktop/ Firmware update

    I was wondering if there were a way to: A) a way to WMP to pay BR, or B) a free program that will play them, i have tried VLC and tried to follow their instructions on to get it done, but i seem running into the same prob as others are, and it is not working C) how to locate and update the...
  2. petrivanzyl

    OCZ Vertex 4 firmware upgrade

    So I got myself a OCZ vertex 4 128GB SSD with my new rig. However I read that the new firmware makes this drive much quicker (v1.5). I think the drive comes with v1.3. Now the problem I have is this: 1. The firmware upgrade (from 1.3 to 1.5) is destructive - ie it will delete anything on the...
  3. Irocing

    Crucial M4 Firmware Update

    Hey Guys, To all you running the Crucial M4 SSD you can update the Firmware from 0309 to 000F, The latest. Ive updated 3 times now from 0002. From D/L to Completion it only took me about 10 Minutes. Its an exe. file...
  4. Skyguy

    G.Skill Falcon 128GB SSD

    G.Skill's Falcon 128GB SSD is one of many Indilinx-based drives on the market, so we figured it would be fast. But how fast? Let's say we were rather surprised at the results. We wanted to check things out up close and personal so G.Skill let us test drive a Falcon. That's a good thing, because...