1. R

    What is the Best Cooling fan?

    I want to buy the best cooling fan for my home. Its Summer time here. Read More

    AMD FX 8370| ASUS 970 Aura/Gaming | NZXT Kraken x52 | ASUS Fan Software Help

    Hello All Instead of making so many posts i decided, to merge everyhing i have to say Okay first is the motherboard, it has a CPU_FAN and W_PUMP fan and another one on there I have it plugged into CPU_FAN at the moment, But scared to uplug it from the CPU_FAN and place the 3 pin, into the...
  3. S

    My system CPU Fan is not running?

    My system CPU Fan is not running?
  4. calemus

    fan rattle

    so i have had a few fans runnin in the top of the case to vent hot air up, and out. doin that natural chimney effect bonus help nature and she helps you approach problem is fans turned upside down rattle. and they have rattled this little boys last nerve and blew a fuse. i am not seeing a way...
  5. S

    Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme - one time fan dont stop in desktop.

    Hello. Yesterday i had ,one time event weird issue with one of the fan on Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme. So always after quitting game when temperature decrease to idle 40C , 3 fans stopping and i see FAN STOP logo , this is normal. But yesterday i when quit game, temperature decrease to 40C like always...
  6. B

    Xion Predator 970 case fan replacement

    This is my first time on this forum so please be kind if I'm completely in the wrong place. I have a Xion Predator 970 case and the fan behind the front grill has stopped working. I opened the case thinking it would be an easy fix to replace the fan. The problem is, I can't figure out how to...
  7. Smiki007

    Which 120mm and 140mm fan?

    I'm planning to replace my fans (Swiftech Helix and Aerocool Red Shark), but I doubting which fan (120mm and 140mm) to buy between these: Cougar Vortex HDB 120mm Case Fan w/ Black Blades or Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan 2000RPM - Sleeved or and 140mm Cougar Vortex HDB 140mm Case Fan w/ Black...
  8. Mystikhol9

    Fan Blades - To Paint or Not To Paint?

    I have a build that I hope to start by the end of the year using Corsair's Graphite 760T. LED fans are purple. CPU fan will be a white PH-F140HP. If I can find some, I would like to paint the blades with some kind of pearl clearcoat to provide an accent. Would the paint have an effect on the...
  9. S

    Daisy Chained Led fan problems

    sorry for the odd first post but Ive searched everywhere and cant find a similar isue and all my electrician friends havent responded. I am in the process of liquid cooling my case. I am setting up the radiator and the intention was to daisy chain the fans to have one lead power them. I finished...
  10. joshjaks

    Favorite Case Fan!

    I wanted to see what everyone's favorite type of fan was. I just upgraded today to my Phantom 820, and the Nzxt fans in that case are absolutely amazing. I had no idea how different they could be. The noise and airflow are just great on them. I've learned a valuable lesson in that CFM and noise...
  11. TeeBlack

    Zalman Showcases Groundbreaking Fan Design

    Groundbreaking Fan Design Showcased By Zalman | Computer Hardware Reviews -
  12. TeeBlack

    Lamptron CM615 fan controller

    CM615 | LamptronLamptron
  13. automaton

    ordered new hyper 212 evo fan

    can the fan replacement be put in without having to remove motherboard
  14. TeeBlack

    Scythe Kaze Chrono Multifunctional Fan Controller

    Scythe Introduces the Kaze Chrono Multifunctional Fan Controller | Computer Hardware Reviews -
  15. automaton

    cpu fan delay at startup

    heatsink fan startup delay at boot there is an interval when cpu fan isnt coming on till win boots up shut off asus q fan but it persists
  16. MattyMatt

    fan controller or just some y adapters?

    So it dawned on me yesterday that I don't have enough fan headers... then I thought fan controller, but I'm not sure if it's really necessary, because the board has pretty decent fan control already and the spectre fans aren't loud even at top speed. Do I lose anything using y adapters? I ask...
  17. MattyMatt

    The thinnest fan you know?

    I need a thin fan, the thinnest you know in 92mm. I have a very small gap (I believe 1.5cm or less). I don't care much about the make, model or colour, I can work with that and change it. It just has to be super duper uber mega slim. I have noctua 92s and I have front mount them and it looks...
  18. TeeBlack

    Thermaltalke Commander 5 Fan Controller

    is it me or does this look very similar to the NZXT Sentry Mesh controller?
  19. grumpydaddy

    Fan Testing Round 12: by Martin

    Which fan to buy is a question often asked and the answer to this question is that fans really are a matter of taste...different folks prefer different types based on performance (the ability to move air), sound volume, sound tone and also perhaps features such as pwm or isolating mounts. Lets...
  20. C

    Case fan question

    Hellllooooooooo......... again. I have been looking around for a good fan, most i find are pretty bad.. What I want is 120+ CFM fan that is under 25 DB. Thanks.