1. S

    Failure of switched powered USB3.0 hubs

    I want to be able to turn access to a particular external 2.5" Hard Drive ON and OFF as needed. So, several years ago now, I invested in a 4-port switched USB hub from Ebay - powered too - which worked well for some time, and when that stopped (one socket at a time) I bought another - two this...
  2. TeeBlack

    Video Card Failure Rates

    Interesting...... ​Video Card Failure Rates by Generation - Puget Custom Computers
  3. C

    .NET Update Failure

    Operation: Installing Package Name = Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Setup Package Version = 4.5.50709 User Experience Data Collection Policy: Disabled Number of applicable items: 13 Exe (D:\4d97454a9d3e62a0378c63ae2746\SetupUtility.exe) succeeded. Exe Log File: dd_SetupUtility.txt...
  4. Solara2xb

    Boot Disk Failure

    **Originally posted this in my work log but I don't think anyone saw it** Need some help! Hey Guys, Trying to see if you guys can help me resolve a issue I am having.. I've been getting a boot disk failure with this set-up lately and I can't figure out why. I thought maybe the SSD was...
  5. C

    SSD Failure?

    So I was playing a game and then it started lagging horribly. My computer froze and I had to shut down. When I restart, I read in the storage controller post (I forget exactly what) but the text was in red and said something other than "member disk". Is this a bad sign? I booted into windows...
  6. Solara2xb

    XFX ATI 6950 2GB Ref Design Failure

    So today I go to turn on my computer with my ATI 6950 with the EK-FC6970 block mounted and I get no video. I knew something was wrong so I went and installed my other Video card and bam! everything is fine. turns out my GPU is dead!! this sucks even tho I can RMA the XFX 6950 card I know I...
  7. T

    Problem with New AMD 990fx build

    Hello, Hope you are all well. Having an issue with RAM banks on a new Gigabyte GA-990fxa UD5. Channel 1 slots DDR 3_1 and DDR 3_3 see ram in Memtest86+ as maximum DDR 400 memtest passes. Bios can be set to anything, Memtest still claims DDR 400. Channel 0 Slots DDR3_2 and DDR 3_4 see ram...
  8. say what

    power supply failure

    well, my power supply died:brick: and i stole my dads one out his computer because he is out of town until Friday, now what i need are some suggestions on what kind of power supply i should get for my system....also i may be adding a 8800GT or higher in the near future, but im not sure yet...