1. Mystikhol9

    Facebook for Contests

    It seems that any contest or drawing worth entering requires a social media acct. of some kind, usually facebook. How do I set up a facebook acct. while giving a minimum of info, such as a "psudo name" instead of my real one, etc?
  2. Cyberburnout

    PUreOC and NZXT FaceBook Giveaway 4-1 to 4-15-14

    Just wanted everyone to know in case they missed it, We have a new Facebook giveaway going right now. We partnered with NZXT to offer one lucky person a Kraken G10 GPU bracket and a Kraken X40 close loop cooler. If this is something you are interested in winning then get yourself over to...
  3. Mgutierrez33

    Another Facebook mention of one of our reviews!

    VisionTek seems to be eyeing us with approval these days, as they have shared the review we just posted on their R9 280X video card on their Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/VisionTekProducts/posts/435155759922479?notif_t=notify_me
  4. Mgutierrez33

    We got a mention from the HyperX community on Facebook!

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=756558074360246&set=a.229975313685194.78905.179848128697913&type=1&theater Seems the HyperX community wanted to share our overclocking exploits with the rest of it's 272,147 followers on Facebook x-). Great job guys, let's keeps these legendary...
  5. phenom965

    DeepCool 35K likes Giveaway!

    Guys, check this out! DeepCool is giving away the PANGU Mid-tower case and two awesome CPU-Coolers "LUCIFER" and "GABRIEL". Here is the link to enter it! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=684376614913947&set=a.468733716478239.111248.122021847816096&type=1
  6. Durieel

    Giveaway: Infinite Crisis Beta Key

    Iam doing giveaway on my new fanpage together with my friend: Infinite Crisis Beta Key giveaway Using> Raffelcopter app Share, and invite more friends...more people enters shorter time and more giveaways coming. (*Dont know if iam in right place) Have a nice day!:) http://bit.ly/186YTkh
  7. saturn97

    Add me on Facebook and Twitter!!!

    I post a lot of stuff on Facebook and twitter. Add me if you like. I am trying to build a network. It would really be helping me out. I will return the favor and follow you on twitter. Facebook Zachariah F. Bliss location Hinsdale, MA, Twitter MrBliss182. Thanks in advance guys! B)
  8. MattyMatt

    [Facebook] Corsair PAX Sweepstakes

    http://woobox.com/r6trhp/36k0sa?r=ufp__6XhADyZVp PAX East is here, and to celebrate Cyberpower PC and Corsair are giving away a PC worth $3500 *Corsair 650D case *AX Series 1200i PSU *Individually Wrapped PSU Cables *Air Series Fans *H100i CPU Cooler *16GB Dominator Platinum Memory *2x Neutron...
  9. Adham

    One Badass Joke

    i found this thing on facebook so watch it, its hillarious and freaky lol https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=288360511285547
  10. Adham

    Facebook Giveaway

    well this is a giveaway sponsored by : AZiO Corporation. its pretty good cause they are giving away almost everyday http://woobox.com/57ikfi/29crn6 <-- here is the link
  11. L

    Facebook forces Timeline

    Facebook forces Timeline onto users by August 8 - Telegraph
  12. killjoyjim

    facebook post

    Hey all. It has been brought to my attention that yesterday I posted on Facebook that I had won one of the 7770 vid card's. The problem is not that I posted it. The problem is I posted that I won it at WWW.PURE OC.COM. This turned out to be a porn site. And fore that I am sorry.I have disgraced...
  13. O

    Contest: Zotac GeForce GTX 560 (Facebook required)

    Contest: GeForce GTX 560 and 570 (Facebook required) Referral link | Without referral Referral link | Without referral Using the referral links to enter helps me out, thanks
  14. O

    Contest: i5-2500k and Seagate 720GB SSHD (facebook required)

    CPU entry form SSHD entry form
  15. L

    Google To Index Facebook Comments

  16. L

    Anonymous Promises To 'Kill' Facebook

  17. C

    In Win "Ammo" Facebook CONTEST!

    Check out the "Ammo Wallpaper Design Contest!!!" To enter, just design an 800x600 wallpaper using the "Ammo" 2.5" external HD enclosure as the central theme. There are reference images posted that you may use in your design! One winner will receive the "Ammo" 2.5" HD Enclosure and a 250gb...