1. S

    Modding Full Tower Expansion Slots

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone had any work logs on modding the expansion slots of a case, Im looking at buying 2 x GTX 580 Mars II Cards, However in my Phantom case, I dont have enough expansion slots to hold the bottom 580, they require 3 each, and with my Rampage III Formula, this doesn't...
  2. Skyguy

    OWC Multi Mount

    Today we will be looking at a solution that should help out some users with older cases or that have run out of hard drive storage space. OWC has introduced what they are calling the Multi Mount. This little device comes in various different configurations to suit just about any drive...
  3. Skyguy

    NZXT IU01 USB Expansions Module

    With the ever growing popularity of USB devices, whether they are internal or external, there never seems to be enough space for all of your devices. The NZXT IU01 USB Expansion module has the capability to expand your internal USB devices by taking up one slot and giving you six in its place as...