1. S

    Display driver crash when time spy - only when i turn on monitor from standby.

    Hi. I tried to reproduce 2 times display driver crash. When i run 3dmark time spy stress test. I turn off monitor and then turn on again it will stop test and display TDR crash report in event viewer. Is this reason to worry? This happened 2 times when i turn off montor and turn on back. I tried...
  2. D

    Unable to Update AMD GPU Driver.

    Can anyone tell me or want to speculate on why installing graphics card driver updates is so retardedly, stupidly hard to do. I swear I'm almost sure I've NEVER installed graphics card updates without having to research why it's not just installing for at least 2 to 3 hours or just finally...
  3. TeeBlack

    Nvidia Geforce driver 353.06 WHQL available

    353.06 WHQL Drivers | GeForce
  4. TeeBlack

    Nvidia Geforce 337.88 WHQL Driver now available Download the Nvidia GeForce 337.88 WHQL driver as released by NVIDIA. Introduces key DirectX optimizations which result in reduced game-loading times and significant performance increases across a wide variety of...
  5. TeeBlack

    AMD Catalyst™ 14.4 Beta Driver

    AMD Catalyst 14.4 Beta Driver for Windows Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst™ 14.4 Release Candidate Driver for Windows Support for the AMD Radeon™ R9 295X CrossFire™ fixes enhancements: Crysis 3 – frame pacing improvements Far Cry 3 – 3 and 4 GPU performance improvements at high quality...
  6. automaton

    evga 750 ti need I install non driver software

    vga 750 ti need I install non driver software I am not a gamer or gpu overclocker can I not install non driver sofrtware:rotf:
  7. automaton

    how do I install new vidcard driver powercolor 6790

    what do I do to install new driver Ive downkoaded the driver from powercolor:moon:
  8. TeeBlack

    The AM​​D Catalyst™ 13.11 Beta9.5 Driver NOTE! This Cata​lyst Driver is provided "AS IS", and under the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement provided therewith.​ Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.5 Driver for Windows...
  9. xelosia

    AMD Catalyst™ 13.11 Beta6 Driver for Windows®

    Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta​​6 Driver for Windows Includes all Feature Highlights of AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta Includes support for the new prod​ucts: AMD Radeon​™ R9 290X AMD Radeon R9 290 ​Performance improvements ​Batman: Arkham Origins -...
  10. xelosia

    GeForce R326 Game Ready Driver

  11. fscrivy

    Help Installing Driver for 7790HD

    yes i need help with the amd 7790HD i got for some reason when i install the driver the display looks worse than it does with out the driver it says its in 1920x1080 but its not something happens and shrinks the size of the display so the window is no longer the full screen of the monitor i...
  12. xelosia

    The AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta2 Driver for Windows:

    Driver Version: 13.8 Beta 2 Build: WHQL: No Changelog: Yes Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta2 Driver for Windows: Saints Row 4: Performance improves up to 25% at 1920x1280 with Ultra settings enabled Splinter Cell Blacklist: Performance improves up to 9% at...
  13. jackjack

    AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA is OUT, Go and GRAB Some!

    UPDATE : AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA 2 Driver is OUT!!! Go and GRAB some from the latest driver boost the performance at....
  14. TeeBlack

    AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta Driver

    AMD Catalyst? 13.8 Windows® Beta Driver
  15. L

    GeForce R326 Game Ready Driver

  16. L

    GeForce 326.01 WHQL Windows 8.1 Preview Driver

    You can now download the official 326.01 WHQL Windows 8.1 Preview Driver SOURCE
  17. TeeBlack

    AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta 2 Driver

    AMD Catalyst 13.6 BETA 2 Download
  18. TeeBlack

    AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta Driver

    Download AMD Catalyst 13.6 BETA driver
  19. Rick44

    Geforce WHQL 314.22 New Driver

    Hey everyone, New WHQL GeForce Drivers are out: NVIDIA DRIVERS 314.22WHQL :rock: Working flawlessly so far so if you are looking for new WHQL drivers then give them a shot. Have a great evening, Rick
  20. L

    Geforce driver 314.07 WHQL released

    Articles : GeForce 314.07 WHQL Drivers: Optimized For Crysis 3, Assassin?s Creed 3 & Far Cry 3 | GeForce