1. mtrkarat

    SiHost.Exe Hard Drive Error

    When I was working on my computer yesterday suddenly it rebooted. When I did, it came up with a sihost.exe system warning (an unknown Hard Error), when I clicked on it, I got the same thing only it was for explorer.exe. I have read and read on different things to try to fix it but have not had...

    2TB External HDD Drive Question (Windows 10 Backing Up)

    Hi all its Been a while having alot of stress And personal and family troubles 2017 has been a rough Ywar for me,and the rest of my family, I don't like taking Anti depressants and I'm a really short guy and don't want to Be 187LBS and standing 5'4" tall had about 12 ex-girlfriend Who were...
  3. aryan51

    help instaling m.2 drive in hp laptop

    I am trying to install a m.2 Samsung 951 nvme in my hp envy 17-j083ca I cant find the slot I know it has one and google is not helping thank you in advance
  4. DeViLzzz

    Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse.

    Windows 7 64 bit install hard drive gone from bad to worse Ok before when booting up the computer I am using to install Windows 7 64 bit to a certain hard drive well it showed all 3 drives but now it is only showing 2. I have a 3 TB hard drive that I know is in working order and I am just...
  5. xelosia

    Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive

    Evaluating NASA?s Futuristic EM Drive |
  6. T

    Problem with sata hard drive

    I wanted to say thank you for letting me join this wonderful group of guys and girls. Ok here is my question I use this for school I have two drives in my system they are connected to sata 1 and sata 2 my one tb is on sata 1 250 gb is sata 2 Got this computer from a friend board and...
  7. xelosia

    The World's Largest USB Thumb Drive

    VCF East X: The World?s Largest USB Thumb Drive | Hackaday
  8. xelosia

    my test resuls ot the revo 350 960 gig drive

    Here are the benchmarks I ran
  9. xelosia

    Seagate’s new 8TB hard drive is for all you digital hoarders

    Seagate?s new 8TB hard drive is for all you digital hoarders | Ars Technica
  10. A

    PLEASE HELP drive does not work

    bootup went good. SSD used for C/ drive works great! the problem is the tashiba 3 tig hard drive. it does not show up in "MY computer". i see it in the device manager, and i se it listed in the computer hardware. but, i dont know how to open it for use. the device manager said it was working...
  11. xelosia

    LaCie's Sphère: The Shiniest Hard Drive Known to Man

    LaCie's Sphère: The Shiniest Hard Drive Known to Man -
  12. TCC

    Hard Drive Died!!!!

    Well... My hard drive decided to go and turn itself into a brick last night :hatepc: Does anyone know or have any suggestions for good HDDs or SSD's? I dont have a lot of money right now. I need a replacement really badly right now. That was my main HDD and now I am being forced to run off Win 7...
  13. xelosia

    Recycle Your Old microSD Cards Into an SSD Drive

    I though this was interesting but why not just buy and SSD Quote Recycle Your Old microSD Cards Into an SSD Drive
  14. DeViLzzz

    So I took the plunge today despite all my fear and went with a Seagate hard drive :O

    Who here has also taken the plunge for the first time since Seagate had all those issues a few years back with hard drives ? What have your results been with what you have bought ? I purchased the following : Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM SATA3 64MB Cache 3.5in Internal Hard Drive -...
  15. xelosia

    Seagate reveals the "world's fastest" enterprise hard drive

    Quote Seagate reveals the "world's fastest" enterprise hard drive - TechSpot
  16. General

    AMD Test Drive

    Update: AMD Test Drive Ok People here's what is on this Run of Review BIG SHOUT OUT & Part added (*) to my Sponsor AMD , Fractal , *Sapphire , *Prolimatech inc(PCI slot fan mount ) , *Antec ( 120mm Fan Kuhler 920) , *Zelman (heat sink) , *Arctic Silver5 , Kingston & Microsoft. who helped me...
  17. calemus

    all of your hard drive problems

    i found this yesterday SeaTools | Seagate it fixed my problem listed below...
  18. xelosia

    WD® Shipping World's First 5 mm 2.5-inch Hard Drive

    Quote Press Release
  19. aryan51

    hard drive help

    well today went and pluged my external harddrive in and the folder with my media in it was there but nothing in the folder wtf the drive shows 1 tb used but can't find any of it help please thank you in advance
  20. P

    Hard drive partition size for os and storage

    Hi everyone. Paul 2000 here. Thanks to everyone that have help with my questions for the first new build,,, now the installation is over, tcheck the specs for comments. Now what i cant seem to get right, is how to partition 1 TB to get a good amount of space for my OS and storage, do i have...