1. michal89chz

    Q9450 Tape Mod with Dell TP412 (x34 chip with NO OC option)

    Can I do it with my motherboard? Is QX9770 worth it? - Page 4 That Dell Motherboard can't OC CPU so I think about that mod but: CPU will handle it? Motherboard will not blow out? (power section) If it change FSB...what with RAM? Q9450 with massive and powerfull fan/radiator EVGA 500w (without...
  2. Mystikhol9

    Dell 2405 FPW Showing it's age?

    I've had this Dell 2505 FPW ever since it was on MaximumPC's Best of the Best list. For the past year or so, I've been getting this black line or lines in a few of my games, such as, Skyrim, Rage, and a few others. Sometimes it would wrap its self around an object or a corpse or something like...
  3. P

    Dell 20" monitors

    Hey all, first post as new member!! :rock: I have a Dell s2009w monitor, and wanted a matching one so I bought a Dell ST2010B. Once the new one arrived, it looked almost exactly the same, but it doesn't have any VESA mounts!! I grossly overlooked this (which won't happen again). I'm looking...
  4. vinman

    Dell assures laptop owners that the awful smell isn't cat pee

    I thought this was an interesting read :rofl: Dell assures laptop owners that the awful smell isn't cat pee - NBC When it comes to consumer electronics, we've all heard of rocky product launches. But have you ever torn the wrapper of a brand new laptop any been hit with the...
  5. vinman

    Dell Is King of The Monitor Market – Overtakes Samsung

    The latest figures from IDC suggest that Dell tops the monitor market. The results suggest that Dell managed to ship 5 million monitors with 14.9% of worldwide monitor shipments. Samsung followed behind in second with 12.6% and 4.2 million shipments with HP coming in third place with 4 million...
  6. L

    Dell's New UltraSharp 32in Ultra HD
  7. D

    OC a Quad 9550 using VID or "pinmod"

    Before anyone can give me a mod for my Q9550, I welcome you to check out these forums I have posted on other web sites: WORKING PIN MOD (bsel) for core 2 quad q9550 - Overclockers Forums VID Mod for Core 2 Q9550??? I'm pretty sure my user name and system specs gives a good...
  8. Doctor_Death

    New Dell HD 29inch 2560 x 1080p monitor

    Hey Guys Dell has a new HD monitor out, a 29inch with 2560 x 1080p res for $699, I might order this today, seeing as my Dell 30 inch is almost paid for.
  9. Skyguy

    NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler

    The NZXT CRYO E40 is a notebook cooler that houses two 80mm fans that can move and direct airflow to targeted areas. Sporting a rather slim and light weight design, a mesh cover apparently allows improved air exchange, while providing a comfortable platform for your lap. Click NZXT Cryo E40...
  10. automaton

    Dell UltraSharp U2212HM

    got my new monitior has backlight bleed lower left top right[less ] dell says I can return but reviews say commom ocurrence what should I do it would leave me pc less as well
  11. S

    new cpu question

    i have a dell e520 and i just bought a core 2 duo e8400 cpu. how do i find out if the bios i have on my e520 is compatible with the processor. or if i need to change the bios, which one do i need to change it to?
  12. E

    Dell XPS M1530 Notebook - Share thoughts?

    I've had my eye on one of these for a while now, so i'm asking if anyone has one or has anything to add about this gorgeous slim laptop: I'm looking at: T8100 (2.1GHz) or T8300 (2.4Ghz), both 3MB cache either 2GB or 3GB memory either geforce 8400m GS or 8600m GT But with Centrino 2 around...