1. Skyguy

    G.Skill PI DDR3-2000 C7

    If you're looking for some high performance memory modules for your new Core i5/i7 system, then today's product will certainly interest you. We're looking at a set of G.Skill PI 4GB DDR3-2000 CAS7 modules that look very sleek and run fast. Strap in, let's move right into things now...
  2. Skyguy

    OCZ Blade 6GB DDR3-2000

    Today we’ll be looking at such a set of memory modules, the OCZ Blade Series 6GB kit of DDR3-2000 modules, which are currently one of OCZ’s most expensive offerings to date, with a sleek new design for the heatspreaders to boot. Come on, we must insist on great looking aesthetics if we are...
  3. Skyguy

    CSX Diablo 6GB DDR3-2000

    You may have heard of Compustocx by their more recognizable shortform name, CSX. Although CSX is a bit newer on the scene, their Diablo lineup of memory modules are well known to overclocking enthusiasts around the world. So sit back and enjoy the ride while we juice up the voltages and push...