1. Smiki007

    iBUYPOWER Project Snowblind - Custom Digital Side Panel

  2. Gu3

    Dark Matter Transfusion (Custom Loop Upgrade)

    Well. It had to happen. All the parts (OK, most of the parts, I keep finding new ones) are here, and it's time to start the upgrade. Dark Matter is about 6 months old (or so), and is an i7-4770K Based system with an MSI Z87 MPOWER Motherboard, and a Glacer 240L Liquid Cooling AIO. Detailed...
  3. S

    Custom painted Corsair 900D

    Well, I think you guys got to see the orange Corsair 900D I did about a year ago. Here's one I just finished up about a week ago. I hope you like it!
  4. xelosia

    CoolIT can continue making custom AIO CPU liquid coolers for Corsair

    CoolIT can continue making custom AIO CPU liquid coolers for Corsair
  5. F

    need help with custom loop setup

    i need help what way to set my loop up with two 240mm rads i only be cooling just the cpu till i get a new gpu which can take a full water block would i set it up like res,pump,rad,cpu,rad or if there a better way just post i be cooling a fx6300 @ 5.1 with 1.54 volts but temps are getting...
  6. Cyberburnout

    Custom Cases at Microcenter?

    I saw these at MC a few days ago. $700!!! $500!
  7. Solara2xb

    Mountain Mods Build - Custom Paint

    Hey All, Well that time has come again to showcase another custom painted case. This time around I got a Mountain Mods UFO case. I stripped the case down and brought it to my painter to have it painted: Steel Gray Pearl from a 2012 MB AMG C63 (C Class). The paint had to be special ordered...
  8. Doctor_Death

    My custom painted 900D is finally finished !

    Man, Bill and his crew at MNPCTech really out did them selves this time, leaving me with a really awesome looking 900D. As you can see the flames now continue up through the fan controller, DVD Burner, and the Blu-ray burner. Thanks Bill !
  9. Doctor_Death

    Corsair 900D custom paint

    Hi guys, I just received the first photo of the right side panel from my Corsair 900D, I'll post the photo of the front panel later today, Bill still has to add the EK logo on the right panel
  10. James86

    Custom Watercooling or AIO?

    I am getting a rebate visa card from buying tires for $250 and am considering buying a WC loop or a H220. I was looking at getting a 360 rad kit to fit in the top of my HAF 932. What do you guys think of the kits from EK or XSPC. And would you guys recommend those over just buying the pieces...
  11. S

    Custom Cables

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could point in the direction of all the tools (crimpers) and bits and pieces (cable, connectors, sheathing) to make my own cabling. I'm just getting a bit anal during my new build:) Shane
  12. Elit3

    This thing must be as capable as a custom water setup 4 140mm fans?
  13. Doctor_Death

    Custom PSU Sleeving

    Hi Guys If your intrested in having your PSU cables sleeved, or maybe sleeving them yourself, then I suggest you check out: Lutro0 Customs | Lutro0 Customs is a quality provider of sleeving supplies and tools. Lutro0 Customs has every tool you would ever need to sleeve your own cables...
  14. T

    New extreme build - need advice and recommendations

    Hi all, I'm building a new custom pc and I need advice and recommendations. Here's my parts lists: Case: Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower (Black) CoolerMaster Cosmos II Ultra Tower [RC-1200-KKN1] - $369.00 : PC Case Gear CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K Extreme Edition 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor...
  15. killjoyjim

    Custom res.

    This res is 19'' long x 8'' wide x 3'' tall.I don't have fitting's to install yet. The pump will be in the back in side a pocket. So you wont see it. Also it is not glued yet.
  16. L

    Custom PC November 2012

    PDF: Download file 24092012_13_Sheva370.pdf
  17. L

    Wii U uses custom Radeon E6760
  18. xelosia

    Custom Wood Keyboard

    Orée | Wood + Tech + Design
  19. Doctor_Death

    Custom Build

    Hey guys I'm going to be doing a custom build for Sapphire to help promote their motherboards. Bill Owen will be doing the custom paint and artwork, and after talking to Bill this morning we have decided on using this color silver. Mostly likely the CM Stryker will be painted this color...
  20. L

    Custom PC October 2012

    PDF: Download Custom 2012 pdf Torrent: Custom PC UK - October 2012 (download torrent) - TPB