1. F

    Crossfire two R9 280xs or get a better card?

    Soooo I want to go harder GPU wise. Considering my rig should I get another R9 280x and crossfire for should I go for a better card? I run multi-display (for audio production) and high res (2560x1440 if I can) for gaming. If the better card is the go what card would be best? Thanks heaps for...
  2. F

    7950 crossfire with ocz zt 650w psu

    can i crossfire with my psu at the moment its pulling around 350w-380w with just 1 gpu but over clocked to 1200mhz-1500mhz from 925mhz-1250mhz i do not mine if i have to lower the oc or should i just get a 750w psu
  3. realneil

    R9-280X OC Crossfire Performance

    R9-280X OC Crossfire Performance. First pic is without, and the second has crossfire enabled on my two R9-280X OC cards. I'm happy with the results.
  4. F

    need help with psu for crossfire

    do i need a new psu for a 7850 crossfire specs are gigabyte 970-ud3p 8+2 phase, fx6300 @4.7 with 1.43 volts, gpu vtx3d 7850 1gb stock, xfx double d 7850 stock, g.skill 2x4gb 1600, corsair h100i aio, 1 ssd drive for boot 1 sata 500gb storage, liteon dvdrw , 6 case fans psu i have now is a tagan...
  5. B

    Crossfire with similar card and tuning

    So I have a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7850 OC 2GB and I just picked up an Asus HD 7850 2GB. Tossed the new Asus in and added crossfire, enabled in Catalyst Control Center. I've noticed a little improvement, skin in Mass Effect 3 for instance looks slightly better, other games I don't notice anything...
  6. L

    AMD R9 290x doesn’t require CrossFire Bridge
  7. TeeBlack

    Radeon Bids a fond Farewell to the Crossfire bridge..

  8. Razorz

    7990 crossfire + 13.8 beta drivers explained !

    Hey guys, came across this video on youtube from new egg. Basically it just explains in a very simplified way (whilst giving an overview of the 7990 itself) how the new beta drivers have impacted what you actually experience in games. Rather then just measuring the fps reviewers are now...
  9. T

    what is going on with my crossfire?

    hello everyone, i decided to jump to the Crossfire side on my new set up, and its a nightmare -_- i cant get any programs to read anything like clock speed, temps, gpu usage nothing.....its like the cards not even working, is it suppose to be like this? also my major problem here is, im not...
  10. T

    Crossfire knowledge here!!! lol

    So i've been running 2 7970 lightnings and I had a huge iverheat issue! Unless I have vsync enable my top card would easily make it over 90 celcius!! Out of boredom I switched cards, xfire bridge, and took both of the gpu reactors off to see what would happen! And to my surprise now the top...
  11. C

    Radeon Pro - crossfire profiles

    Does anyone have experience with this program? I have googled for countless hours to figure out why it is that when I set "Force CrossfireX Profile" to "AFR-Friendly D3D", it prevents Battlefield 3 from starting and just opens a new browser tab. Does anybody know a solution? I had it working at...
  12. TeeBlack

    7850 or 6850 crossfire?

    well im looking to upgrade my monitor soon to something 1080p and wondering should i add a 2nd 6850 and just get a 7850?
  13. H

    AMD HD 5850 Unlock BIOS With ASUS Single and CrossFire MODE GUIDE

    Hellow Fellows well im goign to Explain you how yo Unlock the Bios of the HD 5850 with the ASUS Bios in Single and CrossFire MOde hope you like it :) First you need the ASUS Bios techPowerUp! :: VGA Bios Collection: Asus HD 5850 1024 MB And Then the AtiFlash Download ATIFlash 3.99 |...
  14. C

    Crossfire support?

    Hey everyone! How is your summer going? I am back with a question. Googling gives me such broad answers, I have no idea anymore. Some people say to install the AMD CAP, others say not to. I am not able to get crossfire to work in Battlefield 3. I swear that game has crossfire support... :huh: I...
  15. C

    HD 6850 Crossfire issue

    So I now have two 6850's crossfired, but I have an issue when playing battlefield bad company 2. First, the mouse lag isn't horrible, but enough to annoy me. Whenever there's smoke I lag like hell. Is this just the game or is this an issue with crossfire? Thanks homies!
  16. SamCR3

    Crossfire Advice

    I'm going to be doing my first crossfire setup pretty soon and I'm sure I'll have question, so thought I'd start a thread now and keep it all in one place. Here are the planned system specs. I have nearly all of the components on hand or will have them shortly. Phenom II 1100T @ 4.0GHz...
  17. P

    TriXX Crossfire Fan Control

    So my second 6950 finally got here today but when I installed it I found that I can't control the fan speeds on the second card with TriXX, anyone know how to fix it? EDIT: In CCC it says 0 for the speeds and such and 20% for the fan, problem??? EDIT: I found that the shadders have not been...
  18. P

    Triple CrossFire?

    My mobo has 3 PCI-e x16 slots but one runs at x8 could I still run triple CrossFire?
  19. XXXFire

    Radeon 6990 x 2 (quadfire) benchmark evaluation @ 3x1P

    Greetings to my brothers & sisters at PUREOC! I wanted to submit this antiquated (by standard of hardware, of course) benchmark evaluation of overclocked Radeon HD 6990s in crossfire @ 3x1 Eyefinity portrait mode. I want to clarify several points, as rebukes & rebuttal may legitimately ensue...
  20. Solara2xb

    Crossfire ATI 5770 or Single ATI 6870

    Hey All, Wanted to see what you all think is better. I've read a bunch of mix reviews. Which do you think has better performance Crossfire ATI 5770 or Single 6870 both running at stock speeds Will see some decent gaming.. Your thoughts???