1. Gu3

    Crazy SD Cards!

    Just a bit of technology interest: Check out the read/write speeds. SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro UHS-II microSDXC SDSQXPJ-064G-ANCM3 B&H On an microSD no less. 275 MB/s Read, 100 MB/s Write. Unreal...
  2. HyperactiveSloth

    Crazy carputer build?

    A co-worker of mine has asked me to build him a carputer. He has a short and simple list of things he'd like it to be able to do: 1) OBD2 interface. Gauges and live data a must, tuning if possible. 2) GPS navigation with automatic updating. 3) Wi-Fi connectivity with built-in hotspot. 4) Web...
  3. T

    Am I crazy or is overclocking An I7 CPU totally diifferent ( harded ) vs QX 9650?

    First off I am not like a complete tool that has no clue how to Build and tune his own rig. I happen to find a Gem on Ebay and it was A steal 390.00 bucks for A new Alienware Aurora R3. I always loved the way there cases looked and it's Liquid Cooled something I was always wanted. Well to make a...
  4. killjoyjim

    crazy idea.

    My son ALEX & I just read grumpy's post. Alex said y not just put you're AZZA in a small freezer. Sound's like a plan. What you think.? What problem's will I get into.[ FEEDBACK]:D
  5. Solara2xb

    Crazy Pirus Lady!!

    This lady is crazy!!! Watch the video and tell me what you think.
  6. eido.cohen

    Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen - "Leidenfrost Effect" explored

    I've never had the opportunity to do anything with liquid nitrogen, so those of you who have done benchmarking with it will probably appreciate the coolness of this video.