1. D

    My Nvidia drivers Keeps Crashing

    Hello Friends, My Nvidia driver keeps crashing automatically. Any idea what could be going wrong with it?
  2. Solara2xb

    Battlefield 3 Crashing and Causing IE, Chrome to crash

    Hey All, I've been having this werid system issues while playing BF3. This happen when I was using my HD 6950 and also my new GTX 580 I just installed. BF3 would crash mid game, I would be playing and 20 or 30 mins into the game and BF3 would crash, NOT BSOD but it was say Orgins and...
  3. S

    Need help!! Half life 2 ep.2 keeps crashing!

    hey guys ive been playing the half life MOD 'research and development'. i'm about 2/3 hours through the game and now all of a sudden its started to crash. it will only crash a certain points in the game! i will walk over to a door to progress and only wen im close to the door will its stop...