1. xApemanx

    Inquiry: CPU's of 2021

    Hey guys how are all you OG's Its coming up time for upgrades possibly this year I've been pushing my 4770k at 4.5ghz since 2013 and a 760 on my second rig since 2010 haha; I got them Juiced with RAM; Browser Tabs life haha. What platforms are you guys looking forward for? I heard DDR5 is...
  2. aryan51

    cpu costom loop

    Would ruining a custom CPU loop dry cause any damage i know the answer but i need it for legal purposes plase and thank you hope to come back to the community very soon
  3. ARCTIC Rep.

    ARCTIC Launches First CPU Cooler with A-RGB

    A STRIKING POWER PACK FOR AMD RYZEN™ THREADRIPPER™ ARCTIC launches Freezer 50 TR CPU Cooler with A-RGB ARCTIC, a leading manufacturer of low-noise PC coolers and components, today launched the latest in its well-respected Freezer series of CPU coolers, the Freezer 50 TR. An extremely...
  4. aryan51

    cpu temp

    hi guys been out of the PC world for a long time but now i am back can you guys recommend some benchmark software for cpu gpu and ssd ? thank you in advance

    hope I didn't screw anything up, bent cpu pins by accident cleaning

    Hello all, I'm man enough to admit this screw up, and holding myself accountable. We humans were born to screw up, and don't anyone feeling sorry for me, because I'm on so much medication, on Jan 31 2019, haven't been able to get around much from pain, was cleaning my system which wasn't done in...
  6. Smiki007

    Intel to launch a 28-core monster CPU running at 5GHz later this year

    Intel's 18-core i9 CPU is still impressive, but that's last year's news. Today at Computex, Intel SVP Gregory Bryant demoed a 28-core processor running at 5GHz. It's the first time we've seen a single socket desktop CPU cram in that many cores, and it's certainly powerful. In Cinebench, it...
  7. S

    My system CPU Fan is not running?

    My system CPU Fan is not running?

    In Need Of Help Deciding On CPU Liquid Cooler

    Happy Holidays guys, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year's. So far guys, i am still gathering up information and purchasing parts for my upcoming build. So far I own the following: Case: Thermaltake Versa N21 (Snow Edition) CPU: AMD FX-9590 8-core Motherboard: ASUS 970 Pro...
  9. bundymania

    Alphacool ice block XPX CPU Waterblock

    Hi Guys, Alphacool just released a new waterblock and here is a first review : http://www.hardwaremax.net/wasserkuehlung/...k-xpx?showall=1 Check it out ! and here´s a vendor video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFqsshgnwXM
  10. B

    How to calculate cpu voltage?

    i don't want to overclock my cpu, till i know the formula for the voltage. I have a am3 motherboard with phenom II x4 955 processor and ddr3 pc3 12800. i thought to put the fsb from 200 to 10% higher (220) in the overclocking guide i caan put the cpu voltage from 0.800 to 1.700 v what is now...
  11. F

    Rockit 88 Intel CPU Delidder

    Rockit Cool launches de-lidding tool Kickstarter | bit-tech.net Someone'sgone and made a deliding tool, and its cheaper than the delid-die mate.
  12. Skyline

    Help choosing CPU

    Kinda help choosing next cpu... What would you rather buy: i7-6700k core or core i7-5820k, if the first cost 510 usd and another 530 usd, the ram for the first 2x16gb 335 usd, a ram for a second 4x8gb 275 usd? I watched descriptions of 6700k and 5960x on hothardware.com I was surprised with...
  13. Smiki007

    Lightning CPU

    Every wondered if there is any truth to the expression: information at the speed of light? Most of us would view it as a plain hyperbole, but it would seem that science proves us wrong... Read full story here
  14. xelosia

    Lian Li Announces The CB-01 CPU Water Cooling Block In The US

    Lian Li Announces The CB-01 CPU Water Cooling Block In The US | Pure Overclock
  15. aryan51

    Closed-loop cpu cooling

    can anyone tell me what the best Closed-loop cpu cooler money can buy I have been away for a a few years been putting all my money into audio and video but now I am back and going to build a kick ass system so you guys are going to see me a lot for advice and I will be posting build pics also I...
  16. joshjaks

    Skylake now, or better CPU later?

    Ok guys, I'm trying to figure out how I want to upgrade. The DirectX 12 benchmarks are showing that even with all those cores, and i3 still outperforms and 8370 in gaming. That's sad and shows that bulldozer architecture was a bad decision from day one, at least for gaming. Anyways, I know...
  17. Smiki007

    Duet AIO Cooler for both CPU and GPU

    Read more
  18. HyperactiveSloth

    Input on CPU for non-gaming machine?

    I'm trying to figure out what the best choices are for a non-gaming machine that will mostly be used for many-tab browsing, home office tasks, etc. My main thought is to go with an integrated graphics CPU to eliminate the cost of a GPU since it won't be used for gaming. I had been looking into...
  19. T

    CPU manufacturing date?

    Sold my old fx8350 on ebay, and i had 3 different people messaging me asking for the manufacturing date and was looking for an "older" chip, which unfortunately i dont have. Im wondering why they were looking for them? is there something about the original CPU's that were better then the new...
  20. T

    Got a New CPU are my Temps ok?

    Hey everyone! i picked up a new 4790k on Black friday to replace my FX8350. Im New to Intel All together and my temps seem to be a little high on my CPU IMO ~27-30c idle, and ~60-62c Full load ambient temps are ~19c i AM under a custom loop if some of you may remember -swiftech apogee XL...