cpu block

  1. Skyguy

    Enzotech Stealth CPU Water Block

    The Enzotech Stealth CPU water block has a design that is apparently inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk jet fighter built with stealth technology. They didn’t just use the Stealth name to represent the quiet operation, but also the aesthetics as well. Fortunately, PureOC’s radar detected the...
  2. Skyguy

    EK Supreme HF CPU Block

    Water cooling a CPU has been around for quite some time and EK Water Blocks has been on the scene for over eleven years now. No stranger to us, we’ve seen many of their designs across our testing bench. EKWB is finally releasing the Supreme HF (high flow) CPU block, the successor of...
  3. shattered.likeness

    This might be a stupid idea but.... (CPU Block)

    I have a Heatkiller water block sitting here that I have been meaning to hook up to my CoolIt Freezone Elite, and i got to thinking. I have seen some pretty ingenious ideas for using mosfet heatsinks before, and started wondering if I might see any difference in temperatures if I was to apply a...