core 2 quad

  1. grumpydaddy

    Go back a year...core2 quad question

    So maybe it's more than a year now but all I want to know is what is a reasonable target for a 9450? I have the xeon equiv running @ 3.6 with load temps high 40's and 1.31v and haven't tried yet to find lower because I'm thinking that it might be interesting to try higher speeds. I had expected...
  2. kaganader

    Anybody have the Q9450 or Q9550?

    was wondering how good the Q9450 and the Q9550 overclock, ive read online people getting the 9450 to 3.6. on the Q9550 I haven't found any info on it really and was wondering if anyone in the community has one and played around with it.
  3. M

    New to overclocking need some help with Q6600

    Hi all, I'm new to this overclocking business and I need some help in getting my Q6600 to 3.0ghz with the X48-GQ6 I know there are alot of forums and questions about this on the internet already but I have tried so many options to get this system to 3.0ghz (or more) that I figured it be better...