1. Primochill

    Primochill "True™" Coolant

    Hello again! I'm very glad to finally announce something we have been tirelessly working on for a long time! Our new line of coolant "True™" is finally ready and we are starting to ship out review samples! Based on our Sicle base and Intensifier dyes, we are proud to offer you some truly (pun...
  2. TeeBlack

    Counterfeit Coolant Warning!

    Source: Counterfeit Coolant Warning ? XSPC - Performance PC Water Cooling
  3. T

    Coolant vs no coolant

    Lifehacker's guide says that colored coolants gunk up the loop. This is on an xspc raystorm 750 rx240. How much of a problem is it? Is it not something that can be addressed by flushing the tubes and toothbrushing the reservoir or are we talking mildew stubbornness here? And does adding coolant...
  4. Primochill

    "NEW" PrimoChill Intensifier™ Sicle – Coolant Dyes & Intensifier™ Transparent – Dyes

    "NEW" PrimoChill Intensifier™ Sicle – Coolant Dyes & Intensifier™ Transparent – Dyes Not sure if many of you guys know but i myself am just an employee of Primochill but i have been around here along time as a PC enthusiast and Modder/Overclocker. So what i am saying is i am one of you...
  5. Deton

    Reactor PC Cooling

    The future PC cooling is here, enjoy guys.
  6. H

    Nanofluid Preview

    Ok guys, I've got another review up my sleeve that I think might interest you. Actually, this is more of a preview since I tested a pre-production type of thing. What I tested is a fluid that can be used instead of water and is supposed to deliver better temperatures than water. For now, it is...
  7. Geralt

    Best coolant available???

    Like in the topic do you know which coolant is best?? any thoughts, reviews or so on?? I'm at the moment using thermaltakes one which is 94% water , 5% is propylene glycol ( which is BTW main ingridient of the cough syrup:o) and the rest is UV colorant. And also its already dilluted( coz I know...