1. TeeBlack

    The Division will not be a console port!

    The Division will stand out on the PC, "won't be a port" | TweakTown
  2. vinman

    Can Valve bridge the worlds of PC and console gaming?

    Whats your take on this? I hear there are a lot of folks getting very excited over this! We’ve known for a while that Valve, maker of the mega-hit video game series “Half-Life” and “Portal” and operator of Steam, a very popular online distribution service for computer games (think along the...
  3. TeeBlack

    Console gamers petition against PC gamers?

    So it seems that the console gamers are hating on pc gamers by starting a petition to NOT make a pc version on GTA 5 smh....
  4. L

    China to lift 13 year console Ban inminently Considering how much animosity China has towards Japan, this could be a huge opportunity for Microsoft.
  5. Alpha

    Steam Box

    We all know about the highly known company knows as Valve, But something most people don’t know about, is their upcoming game console, called the Steam Box. The Steam Box is like any other gaming console, except it’s built along the lines of a PC. This is the first console developed by Valve...
  6. L

    Why console gaming is dying

    Full Article: Why console gaming is dying -
  7. L

    Digital Storm - PC vs. Console Gaming

    Some things in this world just don’t get along – oil and water, cats and dogs, PC gamers and console gamers. One can barely go on a gaming forum these days without seeing the standard animosity between the two factions repeatedly rear its ugly head. So what is the truth of the matter? Who...
  8. L

    A New, $99 Console Called Ouya

    A New, $99 Console Called Ouya Is Real and Radically Different From Xbox, PlayStation and Wii
  9. L

    PlayStation 4 console specs?
  10. MarkTwain

    Which console has the best graphics quality?

    I just want to know which console is the best in graphics, I have a PS3 and I see it as the best console because I’ve never seen such quality graphics in other consoles. What do you guys think of this?
  11. L

    China To Launch a New Console
  12. Dougofthenorth

    Homeland security joins console gamers

    Congress recently passed an ammendment that allows monitoring of ingame chat & text messaging. This is a result of somebody at Homeland Security realizing that this feature could be used by terrorists & criminals to plan nefarious deeds. This includes ipads & all similar devices. PC...
  13. L

    The Next Console Iterations Will Be “The Last Generation”

    Via: [Strategy Informer]
  14. Skyguy

    Sharkoon X-Tactic SP Gaming Headset

    Sharkoon is continuing their foray into the peripheral market, and this time it's the audio arena with a new set of headphones, the X-Tatic SP. These cans bring convenience and versatility to consumers, as they work with both consoles and PC computers. They look sleek, they're lightweight...
  15. News Team

    EA positive about PC's gaming future

    EA's CEO John Riccitiello believes that PC gaming is not on a decline, and that it has been "categorized wrongly" by a focus on retail sales. Read the full story here...
  16. PressESCtoquiT

    The Magical Wii-mote

    Here's an interesting link to the NY Times about how the Wii-mote is built and how it uses its motion sensing magic.:D:p