1. O

    Connecting one computer to 2 routers

    Hi im wondering if it is possible to connect my computer to 2 separate routers. one router is sitting at my desk with a ethernet cable plugged in and the other one is about 10 metres away broadcasting a wireless connection. if i were able to connect them to my computer would it make my machines...
  2. C

    Connecting SBG901 and IPAD 3

    My home configuration has a Linksys Router with wireless that I cannot turn on because it interferes with the phone which uses the internet and has a remote phone from the base. I also use the Motorola SBG901 Modem which has Wireless capability and seems to be active. The IPAD shows...
  3. grumpydaddy

    connecting multi rail psu

    Just a little info really: I spoke to techies at Antec and asked the question how do I connect a graphics card with two power sockets to a multi rail psu. The answer given: use the two red outlets for best power The answer actually means that rail 3 and rail 4 are both connected to the card...