Quick Question About Push Pull Config inside infinity case.

    Happy New year my friends hope everyone had a splendid holiday, and left 2017 in the rear view mirror, wishing you all great stress free lives, and enjoy life as we all partake into the journey. Guys this thread was kind of a toss up for me, because this topic i am writing to you all contain...
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    Laptop config

    Hi, Alright, I hope I'm on the right subforum here. I'm about to buy a new laptop (which will not be from Apple or Alienware), preferably one that I can configure myself. Usage: mainly rendering, picture editing, and other stuff like that + a lot of multi-tasking (I'm an architectural engineer...
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    Ben's Config v3.1 - Better than Casey's

    NOTE: Ben's Config v4.3 is now available and can be found here: Ben's Config v4.3 (League Compliant) Ben's Config v3.1 100% League Compliant This config is the perfect balance of fps-raising comands, personal customization commands and binds. If there's a command or section you don't like...