1. calemus

    hard drives in comparison advice needed

    so i have 3 hard drives set for comparison, and advice needed...
  2. L

    Watch Dogs PC/PS4 Video Tech Comparison
  3. L

    Anandtech XBOX One Vs. PS4 Hardware Comparison
  4. Drdeath

    AMD vs Intel. PureOverclock's CPU comparison thread

    For many years, AMD and Intel owners have been trading blows. For quite a few years, Intel has held the crown for overall performance in the computer arena. As of recent, AMD released the new addition to their family codenamed Bulldozer and initial results show, namely Sandybridge and the new...
  5. L

    MW3 PS3/360/PC Comparison

  6. L

    Side-by-Side Comparison of Xbox 360 BF3 Texture Pack
  7. E

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 vs. ATI Radeon 4870

    The 4870 isn't really a high end card to compete against this beast from Nvidia, but let's compare them anyway, just for fun. |GeForce GTX 280 | ATI Radeon HD 4870 Process: | 65nm | 55nm Core Clock: | 602MHz | 750MHz Shader Clock: | 1296MHz | 1050MHz Memory Clock: | 1107MHz | 1800MHz Memory...