1. xelosia

    Comcast turns 50,000 paying customer homes into public hotspots

    Comcast turns 50,000 paying customer homes into public hotspots, millions more by the end of the year | ExtremeTech
  2. Doctor_Death

    Received a free upgrade from Comcast

    I received an email from Comcast this morning asking me how I liked my free upgrade, they actually raised my download speed from 35 Megs to 75 Megs an my upload from 5 Megs to 12 Megs but I'm getting 11.06 Megs:
  3. automaton

    comcast live chat lobotomy

    I have been in live chat hell for hours with comcast they have sent modem signals to test my equipment remotely had me unplug modem replug all to no avail now I am going to get a new modem and see if thats the fix any idea why windows is suddenly giving local area network plug pop ups I love...
  4. automaton

    comcast goodby verizon hello

    my 6 month time with 5-20mbps is up at comcast the only other affordable option is verizon 1.1 to 7 Mbp will this be radically slower can I watch my beloved videos could someone explain this comcasts only affordable plan was 784kb to 1mbps
  5. automaton

    isp comcast

    I have a bundle 6 mo special when it runs out ill have to get the economy package 1.44 Mbps and Upload speed : 0.37Mbps is this going to suck can I watch you tube and will I have problems generally?
  6. grumpydaddy

    Comcast's Protocol-Agnostic Congestion Management System I've just been reading this and wondering how you guys on Comcast find it? The level of use before triggering a restriction seem very high to me, mine is probably nearer 5% than 70% Finally, what do you all pay for a 50Meg connection? Do you get charged for...