1. grumpydaddy

    Color a case?

    Christmas is coming..... My boy wants a Manchester United red case I want him to have a Corsair 540 I found a red NZXT phantom 1. Go with the Phantom or 2. Tins of spray paint for the 540? 3. Black 540 putting air cooled 3770K + MVG in it with dual 5870's
  2. Doctor_Death

    New color paint for 2nd 900D

    Hey Guys, Rick & I decided to not go with the orange paint on the 2nd 900D, instead we will be using this Auto-Air Colors 4404 Gem Ruby HD - YouTube please leave your comments, as you can see it changes from what looks like green to a root-beer color sparkle, make sure you enlarge the screen...
  3. Deton

    Asus New Z87 Boards with new color scheme

  4. SamCR3

    Power Color HD 7990

    If only I won the lottery. This is one sweet card. PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990 Graphics Card Review - Introduction
  5. Skyguy

    Xclio A380Color Plus

    Today we're looking at the Xclio A380Color Plus, a case with audacious styling and unique aesthetics. Toss in some neat LED lighting effects and huge fans, and you've got something very interesting as a result. Sure, we're suckers for good looks, who isn't? But at the end of the day, we...