1. alan1476

    780Ti Classified or Asus 760 Mars ROG

    Okay guys, I just bought a new Asus 760 Mars ROG card and I didn't open it yet. Its still new, and I am thinking about returning it because I got a good deal on a 780Ti Classified with the back plate , also new, The Classified is 100bucks more than the Mars11 , cant make up my mind here, I never...
  2. Smiki007

    EVGA X99 Classified

    EVGA - Products - EVGA X99 Classified - 151-HE-E999-KR
  3. L

    EVGA 780 Classified 1410 MHz on AIR

    EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Classified reaches 1410 MHz on air | ChipLoco
  4. aryan51

    evga new gtx 580 classified

    The final touches have been made on eVGA's upcoming super duper version of NVIDIA's flagship single GPU graphics card, the "GTX 580 Classified" and it shouldn't be too long now before it starts to hit retail channels and make its way into enthusiasts, gamers and overclockers hands. Photos...
  5. Skyguy

    EVGA X58 Classified

    Look what arrived and will be featured very soon in a new review, hot off the production line for PureOC :D