case modding

  1. Tombo1787

    Antec Stealth HDD mod

    hey guys I am probably gonna do the antec 900/1200 HDD Stealth mod. I am unsure where to get the grommets that I see people using. If anyone has some information gimme a shout. All the YouTube vids i have seen are very vague. thanks guys for future help
  2. Tombo1787

    Antec 1200

    i was wondering if anyone has had any trouble fith fitting the coolermaster v8 into this case?window fan or any other modding need be done? if anyone has pics of their rig with it in there please post them i am seriously considering making this purchase.
  3. Deton

    P180 Resurrection

    Antec P180 was one of the most popular case when it first released. It's famous for the quietness, good air flow and the clean lines. Also well known for pain in the butt with cables management and definitely not watercooling friendly especially for internal installation. Since the birth of...
  4. Geralt

    Case Modding - Project Golden Armor

    So like I promised I'll do a bit of modding of my case and a work log out of it . At first I've done a bit of external paint job: temporary soultion durin the painting: everything drying up: finished exteroir: now next thing isgonna be internals...... I bought dremel yesterday so...

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