1. S

    Custom Cables

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could point in the direction of all the tools (crimpers) and bits and pieces (cable, connectors, sheathing) to make my own cabling. I'm just getting a bit anal during my new build:) Shane
  2. aryan51

    need help can't find cables

    i have a sliverstone strider 1500 watt and i looking to get braided cables i need ones that are male to male direct from the power supply i found some here SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.- PP06B-MB55 but for the set is 500.0 that is crazy will any other set work ? thanks in advance
  3. Cyberburnout

    OCZ Modular PSU cables

    I picked up a Modular PSU from a buddy of mine and it doesnt have all of the cables that should have came with it. It is an OCZ700MXSP 700W unit. I have a few questions about the missing cables. 1. Does anyone know where to buy replacement modular cables? 2. Im guessing Each OEM will use a...
  4. Doctor_Death

    Corsair Multisleeved Cable Kit

    It took 8 days but the Corsair Red Multisleeved Cable kit for my AX1200 finally arrived. It's a great deal for $99 and saves you the time of having to do each cable yourself.
  5. L

    Corsair Silently Launches individually sleeved cables
  6. aryan51

    cables help

    What kind of cables do i need to buy to hook up my asus p67 b3 ws evo to my vertex 3 and vertex 2 ssd and what brand of cable is the best? :shrug: buy chance could some one tell my what angle's i need at both end of the cable? sorry for the dumb question but will be first build and wan't to...
  7. Skyguy

    In Win Commander 750W, 850W

    Today we're looking at the InWin Commander 750w and 850w power supplies. They are very similar to the 1200w version that we've previously reviewed, which was built like a tank, appropriate given its military-styled theming and design. Today's units are less powerful, but no slouches either...
  8. Skyguy

    AeroCool Horsepower 650w

    The AeroCool Horsepower 650w power supply is marketed for enthusiasts (particularly gamers), has a price tag to match several name-brand competitors, and sports some nice features including colour-coded modular cabling and LED lighting. Certainly looks promising, so let's get down to business...
  9. Skyguy

    ABS/Tagan BZ 700w

    Today we're looking at the ABS/Tagan 700 BZ power supply, a unit that makes big promises. You may not be very familiar with Tagan, as they are more well-known in European markets but have only recently begun to make inroads in to the North American market. They have established themselves as a...