1. Skyguy

    ECS A990FXM-A Motherboard

    Today, we have EliteGroup’s new 990 chipset motherboard called the A990FXM-A Black Extreme. EliteGroup has quietly emerged as a full line motherboard company in both AMD and Intel platforms. They may be the quiet guy on the block and may not be the best known, so let’s get ready to rumble and...
  2. L

    Three New Bulldozer Processors

  3. Drdeath

    Interesting find: AMD’s Bulldozer CMT Scaling

  4. Skyguy

    Sapphire 990FX Pure Black

    We have the Sapphire 990FX Pure Black for AMD’s Bulldozer FX processors. We're very interested in what this board can do, so we've decided to pop in a flagship Bulldozer chip with some sub-zero cooling and see what we can accomplish. 5GHz? Pfft, that's easy. 6+GHz? Ok, now you're talking...
  5. Irocing


    Another set back for Bulldozer.:brick: Later:)
  6. L

    Bulldozer Windows 7 Scheduler Update

  7. windwithme

    AMD’s newest Bulldozer architecture – FX-8120 8Cores performance and OC 5G

    During the second half of 2011, AMD has released two new architectures, one of which is FM1 APU platform released in early July. This platform is mainly integrated with the built-in GPU in CPU by AMD for the first time, and the 3D performance thereof is greatly improved than before...
  8. L

    Bulldozer CPUs Selling Out Surprisingly Fast

  9. L

    AMD Bulldozer DDR3 World Record!

    DDR3 Memory Frequency World Record With AMD Bulldozer: 3600MHz http://www.maximum-tech.net/ddr3-memory-frequency-world-record-with-amd-bulldozer-3600mhz-7381/
  10. L

    AMD Realizes That Bulldozer Has 800 Million LESS Transistors Than It Thought!

  11. L

    AMD answers 10 questions about Bulldozer

  12. L

    Bulldozer breaks memory World Record!

    http://hwbot.org/submission/2223406_planet_memory_clock_ddr3_sdram_1733.8_mhz Screenshots
  13. L

    AMD's Bulldozer server benchmarks

    Full Article: http://arstechnica.com/business/news/2011/11/bulldozer-server-benchmarks-are-here-and-theyre-a-catastrophe.ars
  14. Skyguy

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7

    The long Bulldozer wait has finally come to an end. Enthusiasts look at the new FX series CPUs with mixed reviews and feelings. As usual, Gigabyte had several 990FXA motherboards ready prior to the Bulldozer launch and today we have our paws on the 990FXA-UD7, the flagship board on the lineup...
  15. L

    Intel Retailers Raise CPU Prices After Bulldozer Launch

  16. L

    AMD Bulldozer, can it get even worse?

    A number of reviewers have reported problems with a Blue Screen Of Death on AMD’s Bulldozer, even with stock settings: The reviewers reporting this problem include, but are not limited to: http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2011/10/12/amd-fx-8150-review/9...
  17. L

    Bulldozer Registry Fix - 40% performance boost!

  18. L

    Asus Crosshair V: hampered Bulldozer

    Interesting find
  19. Drdeath

    Official Bulldozer Benchmark Thread

    Guys. If any of you get Bulldozer FX chips post your Benchmarks here.. I stressed the cores on the FX-8150, 2600K and 2500K 80-90% running multi monitors. I ran a movie, copied a movie to file and compressed a 2G file while running benchmarks. More to come... Here is where it may get...
  20. L

    AMD's outlook for faster "Bulldozer" successor