1. Carnyakam

    Deleted the Upper and Lower Filters and now getting a BSOD

    for some reason my drive was no longer reading any type of disk, poked around and was reading something off of Microsoft and suggested deleting the upper and lower filters, i did that and when i restarted i am getting a BSOD, only thing i can really do now is get to a command prompt from the...
  2. automaton

    2nd bsod while watching video

    suddenly Im getting bsod x2 event id 63 windows says its video what can I do to troubleshoot and find out what and why radeon 6790 it seems to have started since last weeks win updates event viewer says its id3 id63 id10
  3. Lee-R

    BSOD dump file understanding ?

    Hi all, I recently built a new rig and she has been running top notch, until today ! I have had two BSOD's occur in one afternoon and all i have done is let AMD Catalyst update itself. I have tried viewing the dump files but i cant make sense of it, please can you help identify my crashes :(...
  4. P

    BSoD while WCG was running...

    So I got a BSoD while WCG was running and when I restarted and then start WCG again it only show a window, nothing in it. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it did the same thing. What do I do to fix it?
  5. P

    BSoD 0x0F4

    Does anyone know what this means? After getting it I kept getting missing OS errors until I switched the sata connector for my SSD from Sata3 to Sata2. :(
  6. bullydog

    SB Idle BSOD, no one here's got this problem?

    okay, so I've been on SB for the last 2 weeks and my experience has been far from good. Ever since i setup the system and started using it -> BSOD!!! my experience has been pretty daunting, i get to a certain OC which is stable, 20-30 runs LinX prime stable and as soon as i surf the net, watch a...
  7. Gareth

    Overclocked to 3GHz, then I got the bluescreen

    Hey all, I should have no problems getting this CPU to 3GHz, since its 2.8GHz stock. Does anyone know how Id do this? I set my FSB to 215MHz and that made me bluescreen, do I need to up my CPU voltage or memory voltage?