1. windwithme

    The Brand New GIGABYTE AORUS 15G equipped with Slim Mechanical Keyboards

    In recent 2 years, GIGABYTE more focused on the high-end laptop market.They got two product lines, AORUS for Pro Gaming series, and AERO series is designed for the creators. And AORUS series is separated by 15-inch and 17-inch produts. This article will reveal the latest AORUS 15G KB which has...
  2. General

    AMD Ryzen Likes 1 IC DDR4 Brand

    my Friend had Issue with some SMD IC Brands Turns Out AMD Like Samsung IC Chips for DDR4 Hynix IC seems to be OK but there other Brands Emerging out that AMD Ryzen Builds seem to not like the Point you Hve To Clock down some setting in Order to Satisfy Ryzen timings i Myself Having a Bit of an...
  3. joshjaks

    Best Brand, Netgear, TP-Link, or Asus?

    I'm in the process of upgrading my wireless router to better suit the 1Gbps fiber speed I have at my house. Amazon has a pretty good deal on the Nighthawk X5000 and Netgear is typically considered one of the best in the business. That said, what do you guys think on companies as a whole? I've...
  4. K

    Brand New Screaming PSU

    I just received my new Corsair HX850 in the mail yesterday. My old PSU had recently died. When I finally got everything plugged in and turned it on, it started to emit a high pitched screaming sound. I double checked that everything is plugged in as it should be and I can't find any problems...
  5. taufive

    Brand new FX-8320 cooked?

    I've purchased the CPU only a week ago along with a M5A99X R2.0 and Noctua NH-D14. I believe the CPU may have become faulty after what I believe to be a mild overclock. I had successfully overclocked it to a very stable 4.2 ghz @ 1.344v with all power saving features off, LLC to extreme, CPU/NB...
  6. xelosia

    Intel renames its McAfee security brand

    Intel renames its tainted McAfee brand - Jan. 7, 2014
  7. easytim

    The Company: COOLINK makes the Noctua brand too

    The Company: COOLINK Coolink is a brand of Kolink International Corporation, which is a cooling specialist and was established in 1996. Kolink and the Austrian based Rascom Computer Distribution also market products under the name of “Noctua”. Coolink SWiF2-120P & 1201 120mm Fan Reviews
  8. 6

    SDD...What brand?

    Wanna know what sdd brand you guys think is good and relieable?
  9. F

    What brand of Cable Sleeves?

    What brand do the pros use? I'm going to be single braiding my PSU here in a week or two, and I want to know what brand looks the best. Also, apox how much am I going to need? I'm probably still going to pull the PSU out and measure, but I'd love to get a rough estimate so that I don't receive...
  10. J

    Sony Playstation 3 Ps3 250gb -- Brand New -$300usd

    SONY PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 250GB -- BRAND NEW -$300USD SONY PS3 (250 GB) BRAND NEW Never Opened FREE SHIPPING 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY Features Dimensions (WxDxH): 32.5 cm X27.4 cm X9.8 cm Expansion Slots Total: CompactFlash Card, Memory Stick, SD Memory Card Max. Resolution: 1920 x 1080...