1. jayfunk

    COOLIT Boreas and Freezone Help Please!!

    Hey all Merry Christmas!!!! I have a Freezone and a Boreas cooler from CoolITcooling my CPU. They are TEC coolers and plug into a control box. The problem now is that Coolit doesnt support them anymore and the software and firmware dont work. What I would like to do is to somehow bypass all...
  2. G

    Got a Boreas

    Hello, I just got a Boreas Chiller from a friend of mine. The Firmware on the MTEC is 2.04 but he only had the original Disc with the software version of 1.13 on it, so I cannot control the Boreas at all. with it hooked up its at 40% and without the USB connected it is at 100%. I don't want it...
  3. killjoyjim

    Boreas chiller

    OMG. That thing is big buck's. Fore what i could find on line. from $500.00 to $889.95.:o
  4. Doctor_Death

    Boreas temps on core i7 965

    I finally got one Boreas installed in a MTEC TJ-07 and after getting the air out of the lines, my idle temps on the core i7 965 are 9c-9c-4c-4c I have attached a screenshot. I have a few more things to finish before I OC it 4GHz , but I do not see temps going over 30c.
  5. Gareth

    What CPU cooler do you recommend?

    What CPU cooler do you recommend for an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 processor, I plan to overclock to about 3.80GHz with my next CPU. I only have 2 fans in my case, due to case limitations, that is a Zalman 80mm intake fan by the HDDs, and a Zalman 120mm exhaust fan in the usual place. I am leaning...