1. S

    GTX 1080 boost clock stuck at low speeds after PC has been idle few days.

    Hello. I have an some problem with my system/gpu/mobo I dont know which exactly. At some point after having my system powered on, it often happens while the system is idle few days, my GTX 1080 becomes permanently throttled. The graphics clock is halved from a maximum of 1990-2000mhz (factory...
  2. S

    New Gigabyte Gtx1080 Xtreme - stuck on 1278mhz boost.

    Help i dont know what is causing this. So till today was everything working fine. Boost in 3d was 2000mhz in core clock. Today i run some game i saw that clock is very very below normal values. So like i said. I didn't install any software IE: MSI afterburner, precision or anything like that...
  3. W

    980Ti Boost Clocks and Asics

    Hi guys how are you? First off all merry Christmas to everyone, all the best ;) Can you just solve a little and noob question for me? I have 2 Galax 980ti GOC Edition, is it normal that the high asic card boost better than the lower asic card? Boost clock is always related to better asic...
  4. P

    AMD cards get huge boost with linux kernel update

    I thought this was hilarious with all the recent happenings with Linus Torvalds and Nvidia, I guess he really wants to emphasize that finger he gave them... :rofl: AMD cards get an unexpected boost from the Linux 3.12 kernel | PC Perspective I actually think I might give linux another try...
  5. B

    AMD Core Performance Boost

    Does anyone have an explanation, or a link to explain this feature?- I have searched online and found a few resources, most of which are for other platforms other than the FM2 Socket processors. In my bios I have tried enabling CPB and Turbo CPB. If I am correct, this means that when the...
  6. L

    Msi 770 Gtx Twin Frozr. Max boost only 1136mhz.

    I am worried , why my card is boosting max 1136mhz . No matter what temps i have. Like 68 or 75 i get the same boost. With fan like 44% and 1250 RPM. Is this normal or not? I know peoples with that card and they just got higher boost. Here are temps: When i hit 78C on Crysis 3 i have :67 TDP...
  7. Elit3

    Are we going to get a 650 ti Boost review?

    Or do we already? I had a little sift through and I couldn't find one.
  8. Cyberburnout

    AMD HD 7950 Gets A Performance Boost Via BIOS

    AMD HD 7950 Gets A Performance Boost Via BIOS | ChipLoco AMD is kinda off the news these days and all the focus is on NVIDIA’s upcoming GTX 660 Ti but today finally AMD is back in the news with their new BIOS for Radeon HD 7950. This new BIOS will change the base clock of the card and will...
  9. L

    AMD gives the 7970 a boost

    Source article
  10. L

    Audio boost with silver SATA cable

    WireDream claims audio boost with silver SATA cable |
  11. L

    Bulldozer Registry Fix - 40% performance boost!
  12. Skyguy

    SilverStone HDDBoost

    SilverStone’s HDDBOOST is a unique product that combines the best qualities of traditional hard drive and solid state disk (SSD) into one virtual super storage solution. Depending on the speed of the SSD added, the HDDBOOST can increase the performance of an existing host hard drive...